‘Suits’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Patrick J. Adams Reveals Huge Finale Spoilers

Tonight is time for the big Suits Season 5 finale, and spoilers are coming out straight from Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross. It appears that Mike Ross could end up behind bars on Suits for pretending to be a lawyer when he never actually went to law school. The entire first five seasons of Suits have been leading up to this moment when everyone knows the truth. Mike has given them exactly what they wanted and says that he is guilty of fraud. Mike did this to keep his Suits family, Jessica and Harvey, from getting in trouble.

Patrick J. Adams shared that Suits will never be the same after this finale. He called it a “game changer” for Suits, and nothing will ever be the same on the show again. Adams shared how certain Mike is about his big decision that he made last week on Suits.

“He’s pretty determined, after having that moment with the small case he was helping with in the courtroom, and realizing as he watched his client sign that piece of paper that no matter what happens and no matter what the jury decides [with] his case, it’s just going to be a never-ending nightmare for everybody involved. They’re always going to be coming after him, Harvey, the firm. He knows that there’s really only one way to make up for what happened, and that’s for him to take the bullet.”

Patrick shared that at one point, Suits this big decision would have been the season finale of Suits. Instead, viewers get one more episode of Suits to see how it all plays out in the end. When asked about Mike in prison on Suits, Patrick said that Mike had to find a way to fit in at the law firm when he first started there. He thinks that Mike would be the same in prison and could figure it all out. No word yet on if Mike Ross will actually end up in prison on Suits, though, but right now, it does look like he could get put in jail for two years. Harvey is not going to be happy at all with his decision either.

Zap2It shared that it is pretty much down to either Mike or Harvey heading to jail. Now that Mike has taken the deal on Suits, you would think the decision was made, but, of course, things can always change. Harvey wants to find a way to keep Mike out of jail on Suits, but in doing so, Harvey and Jessica could be back in trouble. Suits will never the same after tonight.

Rachel is obviously upset that Mike took the deal even though he told her that he wouldn’t do it. This would mean two years away from her. This couple is obviously in love, and the idea of being apart for so long is hard. Tonight on Suits, everyone will finally get to see who ends up behind bars, if anyone. They may just find a way to pull this one off.

Do you think that Mike Ross will end up behind bars on Suits tonight? Are you shocked to see that Suits didn’t wait longer for the truth to come out? This is what the entire series of Suits has been leading up to, but they could have drug out it a few more seasons if they had wanted. Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss the finale of Suits tonight on USA.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]