‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Will Have Some New Faces If The Drama-Challenged Spinoff Gets A Second Season

It appears The Real Housewives of Potomac is headed towards a second season despite claims that the show is fake. But in Bravo fashion, when the show returns, it could have some new faces.

The Bravo show, which aired after The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has kept up the high ratings, assuming that lead-in RHOA is partly responsible for the success. According to the Washington Post, the Potomac-centered show premiered with the highest ratings in franchise history — a whopping 2.54 million viewers overall.

So why would Bravo look to add new housewives? Well, for starters, Bravo has a history of canceling boring housewives, like DeShawn Snow of Atlanta’s first season, or Kimberly Bryant of Orange County.

While it’s unknown whether Bravo is replacing cast members or simply adding new faces, calls have gone out to potential new stars who will either replace or stand alongside the likes of Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Katie Rost, Robyn Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant.

“Calls have been made and names have been thrown into the ring,” wrote the newspaper.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan [Image via Bravo]
Charrisse Jackson Jordan [Image via Bravo]

The show, which is only a few episodes old, is already gaining favorites. Gizelle Bryant is a fan favorite, along with the show’s youngest wife, Darby, who’s married to an older Aussie named Micheal. And polite society police chief Karen Huger always seems entertaining.

But Reality Tea reports that if the new faces indeed replace old ones, then it could be Charrisse Jackson Jordan and her predictable marriage issues that fans wave goodbye to. Others who might get the boot are “seemingly very normal” Robyn Dixon and her money troubles, and Katie, whose nagging and whining to Andrew to pop the question is deemed “boring.”

Even though the show is putting up big numbers and possibly looking to add new housewives, some fans have been calling The Real Housewives of Potomac “fake” and “scripted,” which could be the reason for the change of cast members.

And according to some of the locals, the cast for TRHOP were never told they would be Real Housewives to begin with, which is why some viewers noticed a disconnect between the women on the show and other Real Housewife spinoffs. Along with fans, locals of Potomac also have spoken out about the show.

“Bravo has really missed the boat on this one,” a Maryland resident told the Huffington Post, “and seems to have tried to interject things thought of as Maryland into a gaggle of common drama queens…The locations seem fake, the women seem fake, and…only people from ‘somewhere else’ would call it a crab boil.”

The Washington Post also cast doubt on the show’s credibility, writing, “Just who’s writing all these etiquette rules, anyway?”

While the fake Potomac claims seem to be real, it also appears that the show misrepresents Potomac as a whole and added false rules of conduct as well.

“Many of those proclamations seem a bit iffy to us,” the Post added.

Katie Rost [Image via Bravo]
Katie Rost [Image via Bravo]

But perhaps the biggest piece of evidence supporting the claim that the show is fake is when Katie Rost went on ET’s Housewives Happy Hour and admitted that she, nor any other members of the cast, knew what the show was exactly when the cameras first started rolling.

“Katie says she can’t believe [the show’s success],” ET states, “especially because the cast didn’t know they were going to be ‘housewives’ until Bravo announced the show’s premiere date.”

“It’s not your typical Housewives show,” Katie said in a more defensive fashion. “I think that we’re bringing something new.”

It appears Katie is right. But the something new doesn’t appear to be a juicy drama-filled storyline but rather a change of cast members. Hopefully, the new faces can save Bravo’s latest spinoff before fans lose interest and start to agree with another fan who said, “Too bad Potomac has been portrayed badly in that show. I grew up in Potomac and it was nothing like that show. I am a Housewives fan and will never watch Real Housewives of Potomac ever again.”

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[Image via Bravo]