WWE News: Speculation On Backup Plans For WWE Title Match At ‘WrestleMania’

Last week on Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns was facing Sheamus in the main event. There wasn’t a stipulation to the match, but Stephanie McMahon warned Reigns before the match took place that the entire League of Nations would be at ringside. Near the very end of the match, Triple H’s music hit, and it was a flashback to 2004. He had his leather jacket on with a new Triple H t-shirt. It was time to certainly play the game.

He went right after Roman Reigns, and continued to smash his face into the announce table at least seven times. Reigns bled as the Detroit crowd went crazy for the Cerebral Assassin. Even though HHH is supposed to be the heel in this feud, they wanted Triple H to beat up Reigns even more. The climactic moment took place as HHH dragged Reigns to the steel steps and hit his finisher on Reigns on the steps. The COO stood tall with his WWE championship over Reigns.

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The morning after, the WWE’s website posted an article, including information regarding Reigns getting surgery on his nose. Many thought it was simply kayfabe and a way to write Reigns off of television for a little bit to garner more heat for Triple H. In all actuality, Reigns did need nose surgery to repair a deviated septum and other pre-existing injuries with it.

Reigns not appearing on RAW two nights ago was simply to sell the heat on Triple H, while at the same time, make Reigns’ injury appear worse to the casual audience. By doing so, they also created a huge spot for Dean Ambrose, as well. Taz, former-WWE wrestler, had PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and they both speculate that if Reigns cannot perform at WrestleMania, they have a plan B.

“Johnson speculates that if Reigns’ recovery does not go as planned, WWE may change plans and put the belt on Ambrose so he can head into Wrestlemania as Champion and defend his Title against Brock Lesnar.”

That comes a very interesting take on the current situation. Just to bring others up to speed, here’s the latest on Roman Reigns’ condition.

“It looks like WWE is keeping Roman Reigns off TV for the rest of the week to sell the Triple H beatdown on Raw, as Reigns has been pulled from advertisements for tonight’s Smackdown tapings. Reigns of course was not at Raw last night.”

This is a serious story that could develop into an even more serious story at any point. Let’s say that Reigns can’t work at WrestleMania 32. That’d be a huge blow to his career, but not only that, WWE’s plans for their main event. Even though they probably have the backup plan with Ambrose and Lesnar, it doesn’t fix their problem of injuries running rampant in the WWE this past year.

That main event Johnson proposed is a good idea, and it would fix the short-term problem of losing Reigns. Where does Triple H factor in if that actually does happen? It may have to be a triple threat between Lesnar, Triple H, and Ambrose. Anything can happen between now and WrestleMania, but the main event should stay the same.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin [Photo by WWE]
Stone Cold Steve Austin had this to say about what the ending match of WrestleMania should be.

“The world heavyweight title is everything. It’s really a flip of the coin and I don’t know how they feel about each match. I know they’re both very important, especially [for] the future of the company.”

Austin is 100 percent right, even if it’s Roman Reigns vs. Triple H for the WWE title. No matter what, that belt is the most important piece of the WWE, and it needs to be treated as such.

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