‘The Walking Dead’ Has Been Foreshadowing Negan’s Big Death Scene For Years: Will It Be Glenn Or Daryl?

The Walking Dead fans know that something big and bad is coming, and soon, in the form of villain Negan. Most viewers already know that Negan will be a huge game changer on the hit AMC zombie series, and that he’s going to show up with a bang.

Even Walking Dead fans that haven’t read the comic book series know that Negan is bad news. There’s no escaping the spoilers and news about Negan’s big debut at the end of the current season, but if you are one of the few who don’t know be warned, there are spoilers below!

According to Uproxx, The Walking Dead is about to get it’s most vile villain yet, and Negan will provide one of the biggest moments in the show’s history in a future episode. In the comic series Negan meets Rick and his group and sends them a lesson immediately by picking a random member of the group and beating him to death with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille. Unfortunately for Glenn, Negan picks him and kills him in one of the most brutal deaths of the series.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Glenn be killed by Negan?
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In the past, The Walking Dead TV series has changed up comic book deaths by giving them to other characters such as giving Tyreese’s comic book death to Hershel, who was beheaded by The Governor.

The series has been dancing around Negan’s big murderous moment by foreshadowing the highly anticipated and feared event for years. Glenn has been seen nearly getting his head bashed in by a baseball bat at Terminus, but was saved at the last minute. He also picked up a ball bat during a run in Noah’s former hometown, which fans noticed right away.

This season of The Walking Dead alone Negan has been mentioned multiple times. In the mid-season premiere Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham meet up with Negan’s men, whom fans know are called The Saviors. One of the men tells Daryl and company that they usually introduce themselves by “popping” one of them “right off the bat.” The keyword here is bat. While at the Hilltop in last week’s episode, the people there tell Rick that one of the members of their community was beaten to death “right off the bat” as well.

Some Walking Dead fans even saw some leaked footage from last year of the season finale where a man, presumably Negan, is seen swinging a bat at someone and delivering a shocking blow, but who?

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Negan kill Daryl?
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Daryl Dixon, arguably The Walking Dead‘s fan favorite character has been rumored to be getting Negan’s bat. However, would the show be making a mistake by killing off the most popular character? In the past the show has killed main characters such as Shane, Lori, Andrea, Beth, Tyreese, Hershel, Dale, and more, but Daryl would leave fans feeling shocked, angry, sad, and possibly wanting to step away from the show after losing the beloved character.

Other characters who have been rumored to possibly also be meeting Negan’s brutal baseball bat include Abraham, who is currently in the middle of a bit of a love triangle with girlfriend Rosita, and the women he’s grown close to and been dreaming about, Sasha, Rick’s first apocalypse friend, Morgan, and even Rick’s new lover and close friend, Michonne, which doesn’t seem likely. However, crazy things tend to happen on The Walking Dead and anything is possible when it comes to the story line and the characters who may or may not be killed off the series.

What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead foreshadowing Negan’s big moment? Who do you think will meet the bat this season?

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