‘Undateable’ Eva Amurri Publishes Racy Texts Sent By Family Nanny To Amurri’s Husband

Undateable actress Eva Amurri (Martino) has fired her nanny, and she is not shying away from telling the world why in her blog, Happily Eva After. In a bold move, Amurri has written a blog post, calling out the woman who was sending Amurri’s husband salacious text messages, inviting him to have sex with her. As most wives and mothers would, Amurri fired the nanny, and went public to defend her husband and her marriage. This move has many women out there applauding her on taking charge of the situation.

According to E! Online, Eva Amurri is not standing by and waiting for the media to tell her story, she is putting on her big girl pants and dishing the dirt, airing the dirty laundry, and every other trash-talking metaphor you can think of to tell the tale of the nanny who wanted to bed Amurri’s husband. She addresses the reader with a warning that this is the trashy stuff one just couldn’t make up.

“I’m telling this story because it’s in my nature to be brutally honest about my life,” she wrote. “Grab some popcorn and a cocktail because this story is trashy– really trashy.”

Amurri explains that she was away on a business trip when her husband, Kyle Martino received a text that seemed to be a note to a friend, talking about Marino and saying he was hot, and she wanted to have sex with him. To read the full text message, check out Happily Eva After, Nanny 2.0. After reading the text, Marino was further disturbed that the nanny was spying on him through his bedroom window. He then went to work, leaving daughter Marlowe with the nanny.

“While he was at the meeting, however, he just didn’t feel right,” Eva wrote. “He had a pit in his stomach, and he told me he just knew he had to leave the meeting early and rush home to Marlowe and to deal with the situation head on.”

The Today Show, in a parenting column, said that Amurri, the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon, now has another question to ask prospective nannys: Do you plan on sending my husband racy texts?

Amurri explains that what happened after Martino put two and two together is what makes him legend to her. He took charge of the situation and canned the nanny. He taped the whole confrontation on his iPhone to cover all of his bases. He asked the nanny why she was peeking into his bedroom window.

When asked why she was in his bedroom, her explanation was, “I was looking for you.”

When confronted about the text message, she said simply, “I’m sorry I was just messing around with a friend I didn’t mean any harm.”

Jezebel says that Eva Amurri is now a legend in her own right for writing about this crazy situation involving a nanny gone wild. Previously, Amurri was known as the daughter of Susan Sarandon, a cast member on Undateable, and a part of other projects, but now she is a writer with her own voice. She is now a hot mommy blogger with something to say, and fans will be reading going forward. She is also getting praised for not jumping to hire another nanny after the firing, but “rallying the troops” which included her mother and husband, to watch Marlowe as a family. Many others can’t, but Amurri acknowledges that she has the luxury of making the best of this bizarre situation.

Amurri is no dilettante either, as she is trying to make a serious run of her blogging business.

“If you follow Happily Eva After, you know that I am a full-time Blogger who works around the clock running this startup business, and that my husband works for NBC Sports and is almost always on the road for work.”

Now that Amurri knows that there is a loyal audience for her brand of straight-forward truth, she is thinking of enforcing her brand with a Youtube channel.

Were you impressed with the way Eva Amurri told her story about her nanny?

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