Will Ben Carson Be Donald Trump’s Pick For Vice President? The Polls Seem To Think So

Ben Carson, immune to the poll numbers which have him tied for last place in the contentious Republican primary, may just be what the doctor ordered for the Donald Trump campaign (if, that is, Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination), according to NBC News. The poll, conducted just after Ben Carson penned an op-ed justifying his continued existence as a Republican candidate, suggests that Trump supporters might just want to see Ben Carson tapped for vice president.

Just this morning, a polling company, Morning Consult, released the details of a poll conducted over the weekend. Among Republican and Republican-leaning voters, Ben Carson was the favorite for the VP slot, should Donald Trump win the Republican primary (barring a few major upsets, it’s looking more and more like that might be the case.) According to the poll, Chris Christie — who media analysts suspect could make the Trump ticket a strong contender among independent voters — comes in well below Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Though I suspect hades would freeze over before Rubio would accept a vice presidential nomination from Donald Trump, given the vitriol between the two candidates and their penchant for lobbing personal attacks at one another.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Ben Carson remains undeterred by his poll numbers, which again have him tied neck-and-neck for last place in the Republican primary, well (very well) below front runner Donald Trump. So it should come as little surprise that Carson supporters are also fairly immune to the reality of Ben Carson’s political prospects — which, given the increasingly bizarre statements that routinely come out of that campaign, is something of a shock.

USA Today is reporting that Ben Carson has largely faded into the background of the presidential race, becoming the GOP equivalent of smooth jazz, occasionally distracting, but generally inoffensive and rarely noteworthy. By contrast, the Donald Trump campaign is everything but, and becoming increasingly worrisome to the Republican establishment.

Last week during the Republican debate, Ben Carson even pleaded with the other candidates — most of whom didn’t even acknowledge Carson’s presence — to attack him so he’d get a little attention.

“Can somebody attack me please?” Ben Carson asked during the debate, echoing Martin O’Malley’s sentiments on the Democratic side.

Still, Ben Carson has taken it all in stride. He remains confident in his ability to win the Republican nomination, even if he has become the butt of jokes from late night comedians as well as his fellow candidates. Though Donald Trump seems to be giving the poor guy a pass.

“I think we’re going to gain an enormous amount of delegates tomorrow, I don’t know exactly how I will do each state, but I do know we will pick up a lot of delegates and that will reshuffle the deck,” Ben Carson said to a crowd of supporters at Regent University.

It’s a little late in the game, some analysts predict, for Ben Carson to just “wing it.” Why he’s so sure that he will gain delegates in today’s crush of primaries throughout the U.S. remains unclear.

Still, his supporters call him a refreshing alternative to the bellicose Donald Trump, and the occasionally belligerent Ted Cruz, who have otherwise narrowed the contest down to a two person race (three if you count Marco Rubio, who continues to trail behind Cruz in the polls).

“Someone with a gentle spirit like that, when he talks you can see the amount of wisdom he has,” said a supporter at a Ben Carson rally.

It’s not the first time Ben Carson has been said to have a gentle soul, his sleepy demeanor and generally friendly attitude endear him to some Republican voters, though given some of his more bizarre statements, it remains unclear just how he continues to believe that he has a chance of picking up the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination.

But, only time will tell. Maybe it’ll be a Carson/Trump ticket in November? They’d certainly make an interesting pair.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]