‘Orange Is The New Black’ Releases Season 4 Trailer [Video]

Orange Is The New Black is primed for its big return on Netflix soon and the Season 4 promo that was just released showed some very interesting things. One thing of note is that Sophia (Laverne Cox) is still in lockdown and there are some serious repercussions about to hit the prison with SWAT teams coming in.

According to E! News, Season 4 is about to give fans a searing look into the hit dramatic comedy series on Netflix. There are new stakes to contend with and fans of Orange Is The New Black are still waiting to find out what happened to Laura Prepon’s Alex after the shed incident last season, which ended on a serious cliffhanger.

The fate of Alex on Orange Is The New Black is perhaps one of the most anticipated storylines that fans of the show are waiting to see on Season 4. Not only will the season give us an answer, but if she lived then there has got to be some sort of down side to what happened to her.

Suffice it to say that Orange Is The New Black, which is modeled after the best selling book by Piper Kerman, is taking many of its cues from the book, but at the same time fictionalizing the storylines so the story can find more depths to work with and also stay within the parameters of the timeline of her experience.

In real life, Kerman only spent a year in prison and Orange Is The New Black was meant to be a memoir of her experience while incarcerated in the Connecticut institution. If the show wants to play out for many more season, then it will have to stretch the material it has to work with out for that to work.

Orange Is The New Black is not likely to continue on past Piper’s release, unless of course it gets a spinoff of some sort.

Kerman spoke with NPR about her experience in the prison and how much of the Orange Is The New Black TV show really mirrors what she went through there. Fans will be surprised to learn what she had to say.

“The Netflix series is an adaptation, and there are tremendous liberties,” Kerman told NPR. “What that means is that when you watch the show, you will see moments of my life leap off the screen, such as Larry Bloom’s proposal to Piper Chapman, [which] is not so very different from the way my husband, Larry Smith, proposed to me.”

But that doesn’t mean that Orange Is The New Black doesn’t draw heavily from her experience there. It just means that sometimes, things have to be altered in order for the show to go on, which is the ultimate goal for it.

“There are moments in the very first episode, like when Piper Chapman insults Red, who runs the kitchen with an iron fist — that is actually very closely derived from what’s in the book and from my own life,” Kerman said. “But there are other parts of the show which are tremendous departures and pure fiction.”

Kerman did talk about how she did indeed have to share a cell with her lover, with whom she committed her crime with. In Orange Is The New Black, a big part of the series really revolves around those two ladies and their relationship, which bounces all over the place and finds resolutions in various ways.

She said that being in prison with her allowed her to finally come to terms with what she had done and accept responsibility for it. That is also something that is mirrored on Orange Is The New Black.

[Image via Netflix]