Mother Arrested After Video Goes Viral Of Woman Allegedly High On ‘Spice’ While Caring For Her 2-Year-Old Son

A young mother from Mobile, Alabama, has been arrested after a video, viewed more than two million times, showed her allegedly high on drugs and writhing around on a porch while caring for her young son. Warrants for the arrest of two others have also been issued.

The heartbreaking video, which was originally shared on Facebook almost two weeks ago, shows a young woman — who viewers believed to be the mother of toddler — spasming on the floor of what appears to be an outdoor porch, while a little boy stands over her and cries. A young man lays on the porch beside the mother, and at one point can be seen handing the boy a bottle, but once his mother starts to have seizure-like convulsions, he drops the bottle and begins crying again.

Mobile police say that they have been inundated with calls and emails about this video of a young mother who is allegedly high while in front of her son. Concerned viewers from as far away as Birmingham, England, have reported the video, calling for the arrest of the mother, and worried for the well-being of the child. Lori Myles, public affairs officer for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, said that the office began receiving tips about the mother on February 20, and by February 23, they had identified the mother and two other people believed to be involved. They also learned that the Mobile County Department of Human Resources had placed the child with a grandmother, but upon learning that the mother also lived in the house, the child was removed again.

While Barry Spears, spokesman for the Department of Human Resources, said he could not comment on any particular details involving the case, he did say that the child is safe, and is not in custody of the mother.

The young mother that was caught on video while high, was identified as 18-year-old Lauren Brooke Englett. According to, police spoke with Englett, who confirmed that she was, in fact, the mother of the young child. She admitted to being high on “Spice” at the time the video was shot — a synthetic cannabinoid that is usually mixed with other chemicals.

Myles confirmed that the mother had been arrested on Monday on charges of domestic violence and reckless endangerment, and have issued warrants for the arrest of two more people that were allegedly involved. 25-year-old Jamie Jemison was reportedly the male in the video alongside the mother, while 19-year-old Rachel Rickard was allegedly the one who recorded it and uploaded it to Facebook. Once found, the mother’s two accomplices will also be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

The fact that a mother of a 2-year-old would get high in front of him, and writhe and convulse on the ground while he cried, isn’t the only terrible thing about this whole situation, says Myles.

“There are several things wrong with this. Including that the person taking the video didn’t notify authorities of a child in danger.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports the Daily Mail, have issued several warnings about the new synthetic drug called Spice — what the mother admitted to being on — as well as other synthetic cannabinoids, says Dr. Amy Wolkin, chief of the CDC’s health studies branch.

“We’re greatly concerned by the rise in calls to poison centers regarding synthetic cannabinoids. The perception that these drugs are harmless is dangerous. People and hospitals need to be aware of the potential harm they can do.”

Thanks to concerned citizens around the world who viewed the terrible video, the mother involved was arrested, and the little boy was removed from her care. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the young mother.

[Photo by Mobile County Sheriff’s Office]