Robert Wagner Finally Answers Questions In Natalie Wood Case

In a story that is the opposite of breaking news, the investigation into the death of actress Natalie Wood over 34 years ago continues to evolve. It is being reported that her husband, Robert Wagner, has finally been pinned down by current investigators to answer questions about what happened that night. Natalie Wood drowned that evening, off of their boat the Splendour.

According to Radar Online, Lana Wood, the sister of Natalie Wood, confronted Robert Wagner recently about his lack of candor with investigators. In February in Palm Springs, Wagner was not aware that he was being videotaped when Lana Wood confronted him at an awards ceremony for his current wife, asking why he wouldn’t speak to detectives. He was disturbed about why Wood would ask him such a question.

Then, he furiously snapped, “I have talked to everybody. You have accused me! You have accused me of murdering her!”

As Lana stood with tears running down her cheeks, Wagner stalked off, saying, “I have stopped and said [to you] what happened.”


It has been reported that Natalie Wood was found drowned off Catalina Island near the boat the Splendour. On board the yacht was Robert Wagner, actor Christopher Walken, and the boat’s captain. Voice stress analyst Michael Sylvestre, who was hired by Radar, examined the video and audio and made some alarming conclusions about Wagner’s reactions.

“When he happened to mention ‘murder,’ he was highly agitated — there was quite a bit of stress in his voice,” Sylvestre told Radar. “He knows why she is accusing him. She wants that answer and he is not giving it to her. He knows why he is being accused. It’s a possibility that he is expressing some form of guilt.”


The Daily Mail is making even more alarming accusations about what happened the night Natalie Wood drowned off Catalina Island. They are positing that Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were being intimate, and Natalie Wood walked in on them having sex. These rumors of a homosexual affair were thought to have threatened the career of both men at the time. A note by a lifeguard is alleged to have been found from the night of the incident. The report is torn and damaged, but some information can still be deciphered.

The note, which is torn and illegible in parts, reads “also known Chris Walken and Robert Wagner were engaged in sexual activity in cab of boat… (illegible)… that Ms Woods found both of them together (illegible)… stated they took her away in a (illegible)… was the last time she was seen alive.”

The lifeguard out of Los Angeles says he wrote the note after speaking with detectives. The lifeguard suggested that the detectives claimed that this was one line of inquiry they were following at the time, and there is no other evidence to suggest that this is what happened.


The Hollywood Gossip is suggesting that the confrontation between Lana Wood and Robert Wagner will once again bring the death investigation to the attention of the media, thus leading to more answers about the death of Natalie Wood.

In 2014, Christopher Walken was interviewed again and was cleared by detectives of any wrongdoing in the case. But Lana Wood is indicating that Robert Wagner has not been as forthcoming with detectives and wants him cleared if possible. The status of Natalie Wood’s death has been changed from accidental drowning to undetermined factors.


There is no proof that Robert Wagner has any additional information to give investigators that will close the case for good.

What do you think happened on the night that Natalie Wood drowned?

[Photo by AP Staff Photographer, 1978]