Is Lily Allen One "F" Away from Ruining Her Career?

So Lily Allen told Elton John to "f*ck off." This cannot be good for her, especially in Britain, where Elton is Rock Royalty and a force to be reckoned with, as he showed last night at the 2008 GQ Man of the Year Awards. When Elton made a dig at a visibly tipsy Lily and asked her "What, you are going to have another drink?" Lily responded with "F*ck off, Elton. I'm 40 years younger than you. I have my whole life ahead of me." Elton replied quite glibly that he could "still snort [her] under the table."

Between that mess, wearing the world's largest dress, having the worst hair ever, and revealing her brother's secret wedding plans with Jaime Winstone, Lily was not having a Good Night. This isn't the first b*tchy outburst from Lily, but it could be her last of her career. Who will want to invite a snotty (alleged) drunk to host anything when she's going to insult one of the most powerful people in the room? This publicity is good for everyone except Lily.