ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Overnight Dates In Episode 9 Bring Declarations Of Love And Heartbreak

Episode 9 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins airs Monday night, and it is time for the overnight fantasy suite dates. Just three women remain, and by the end of the episode, Ben’s final two bachelorettes will be revealed. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this next show?

As Bachelor spoilers have previously detailed, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Ben Higgins all head to Jamaica for these next outings. Each of the ladies will get the opportunity for romantic daytime dates, and then the invitation cards will be available for the fantasy overnights. Will all three ladies accept these invitations?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Caila, Lauren, and JoJo do all have the full dates with Ben in Episode 9. ABC teases Bachelor spoilers that Quinn’s opportunity comes first, and she will have a jungle cruise down a river with Higgins. She has been rather hesitant to open up about her feelings, and it would seem that this causes some awkward moments during this time together for the pair in Jamaica.

Yahoo! TV shares a Bachelor spoiler sneak peek of this date. Caila talks about how anxious she is heading into this outing, because she knows that there are two other bachelorettes still in the mix of things. As Ben and Caila cruise down the river, things seem a bit reserved between these two, and Caila doesn’t seem to be saying much. Higgins tells her not to be stressed and enjoy the outing, but she is clearly struggling.


As the duo’s time together continues, it does seem that Ben will succeed in getting Caila to let her guard down a bit. The Bachelor spoilers share that this bachelorette will tell Higgins that she is in love with him. From the sounds of things, the fact that she finally expresses everything she has been thinking leaves Ben feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do things end on a good or an awkward note with this date?

Lauren’s date comes next, and this one will involve baby sea turtles. A Bachelor spoiler sneak peek shows that Bushnell will be very excited about this outing, and it looks like both Ben and Lauren have a blast with the daytime portion of their time together. This pairing already has plenty of sparks flying between them, and it seems this excursion cements things between this couple even further.


After helping baby sea turtles, Ben and Lauren have a romantic dinner and talk about what the future may hold for them together. Bushnell will lay it all on the line and tell Higgins that she loves him, and Bachelor spoilers tease that he seemingly will tell her he loves her too. That’s an unusual move for the lead to make on this show, but it sounds like a moment that fans will be buzzing over for sure.

JoJo gets the final overnight in Jamaica, and Bachelor spoilers indicate that their date involves a helicopter ride and jungle waterfall. They will be jumping into the water together, and there will surely be some steamy moments throughout this outing.


While there will be sparks flying during Higgins and Fletcher’s time together in Jamaica, there are serious moments ahead as well. As viewers saw, Fletcher’s hometown date had its fair share of tension and drama, and Bachelor spoilers note that Ben and JoJo will talk through all that went down. From the sounds of things, she will tell him she loves him, and he will return the sentiment.

Unfortunately, that means that Higgins has now told two bachelorettes he loves them, a move that is setting the stage for heartbreak and drama ahead. Bachelor spoilers tease that after all three outings, Caila will track down Ben at his place to try to get in a bit more time with him. It seems she will be hoping to get some reassurances about where she stands. Unfortunately, she may be on the verge of being blindsided.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Caila Quinn will be eliminated in this episode. Based on the Bachelor spoilers from ABC, where there is no mention of a rose ceremony, some suspect that Ben may eliminate Caila during that secret visit she makes to his place. One way or the other, though, it does sound as if Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher will indeed be Higgins’ final two.

Which of these final two ladies garners Higgins’ final rose? Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that there is a proposal in the final rose ceremony and that Ben and his pick are still together and engaged. Tune into ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season airing on Monday nights to see just how it all plays out in these last few shows of the season.

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