Kym Johnson Dishes On Proposal Details: How Robert Herjavec Proposed

Kym Johnson didn’t expect much when she was partnered up with Robert Herjavec last year for Dancing with the Stars. At the time, Robert was going through a painful divorce, and he revealed that he had contemplated suicide. But when he met Kym, everything changed. The two had undeniable chemistry on the dance floor and ended up sharing a kiss during one of their dances. While they didn’t end up winning the Mirrorball trophy, they did win each other in life. And this weekend, Robert decided to pop the question and ask Johnson to marry him.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Kym Johnson is now revealing how Robert popped the question. The two made their first public appearance since getting engaged, as they showed up for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscars 2016 party late last night after the ceremonies.

“We went to the house and I had rose petals going up to the pool,” Herjavec revealed about the proposal, adding, “In the pool was a big swan and on the swan was a box. She pulled the swan in, opened the box, and I said, ‘Actually that’s not for you. That’s for me.'”

Robert wanted the box in his hand so he could propose properly to Kim. He didn’t just let her open the box herself. But once he proposed, he may have been concerned about what Kym would say, as it did take her some time to reply to his proposal. In fact, Johnson was asked three times before she said yes.

“I opened the box and the ring was inside. And I said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she started crying and doing crazy sounds,” Robert revealed of Kym Johnson, adding, “And then I asked again and she started crying and doing crazy songs. And I asked a third time and I was like, ‘OK this is really uncomfortable!'”

Even though Kym Johnson made Robert wait for an answer, she eventually said yes. And she was more than eager to accept the proposal and plan a life together.

“I’m so happy,” Kym Johnson revealed, adding, “It was pretty amazing.”

Given that the couple met on Dancing with the Stars, the two already have the dancing skills down for their wedding. And they have already talked about what dance they will be doing for their first dance at the wedding. Herjavec reveals that the dance they did the week before they were booted from the show makes sense to him.

“When we were on the show last year, the week before we got kicked off, they gave us a song. And it was Etta James’ ‘At Last,'” Herjavec explained, with Johnson adding, “It was our next dance to do but we got voted out so we never got to do it, so it will be our first dance as husband and wife I guess.”

And Kym was proudly showing off her ring at the Oscars party last night. She admits that Robert could have given her anything and she would still have said yes. So she hasn’t really taken the time to adore the ring, because she was just overwhelmed with emotion.

“I didn’t even really see the full beauty of the ring, because he could have given me anything, I was just so happy that he proposed to me,” Johnson continued, adding, “But then today, I haven’t been able to stop looking at it.”

Many people predicted that the proposal would come soon, as Robert and Kym have been inseparable since meeting on Dancing with the Stars. What do you think of Kym Johnson accepting his proposal?

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