Bill Nye As GOP Debate Moderator? Scientist Has Questions For Candidates [Video]

Bill Nye is more than just a science guy. In recent months, Nye has been active on the political stage as well, addressing concerns over science and technology that refutes the charges leveled at both topics as being “bogus.”

The topic has been a top-of-the-list kind of conversation for Bill Nye, who has had to take to various forms of media and social media to make certain that people know the facts about how destructive climate change is.

Recently, Bill Nye wrote an op-ed for CNN and specifically spoke to voters and candidates in the Republican primary. It is important to note that Nye has been studying and analyzing scientific data for many years now; he does not seem to be taking sides on the broader political stage, but rather addressing specific issues as they relate to climate change.

Bill Nye wrote the article in the hopes that people in the GOP voter pool might listen and ask a few specific questions about the issue of climate change, especially in a GOP debate or at a rally.

“Mr. _______, you’ve stated repeatedly that you feel that climate change and global warming are not things we need to worry about in the short or even long term; why do you disagree with the world’s science community and the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?” Nye wrote in his op-ed article for CNN.

He did not seem to be addressing any one candidate, but rather the future GOP nominee for the office of the Presidency.

It is important for voters to note that no matter who gets the GOP nomination, they have all shared a universal sentiment that is against the scientific data produced by the world’s leading scientists as well as specific commissions within the U.N.

But, Bill Nye has already anticipated the response by the GOP nominee and posed another follow up question for the person, or persons, who ask the question to the future candidate.

“Mr. _______, would you say that you believe your intuition and experience with weather are more scientifically correct than the research done by the world’s climate scientists, and do you believe that the world’s scientists are part of a conspiracy?” Nye wrote in the article.

Almost right away, readers of his article would assume that he is closing ranks within the Democratic Party or the Liberal establishment. But Nye has not been quite so vocal on other issues the left-leaning political movement endorses. He seems to be directly addressing the climate change issue as a way to help voters decide on a leader who will also address it on a global platform.

A good case and point here is that Bill Nye uses the red state of Texas as an example of how well clean energy can benefit society and the world as a whole. He writes about how Texas harnesses its own natural resources to get 10 percent of its electricity. For those who think Nye is talking about oil, that is not correct. What Nye is talking about is wind energy, and he praises the state for their use of the technology to implement it into their own economy.

Wind energy is indeed a win/win situation for a state that has enough of the resource available to it. It emits no pollutants into the air when used, simply because it does not have to be burned to produce energy. Instead, it is a natural way of producing energy, thus making it a cheap and clean resource to harness.

In the end, Bill Nye seems to really be using the political stage to find the candidate who will best use the scientific data available to him/her and make the world a safer, more sustainable place to live in the future.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]