Joey Feek Cancer Update: Joey Says Final Goodbyes To Family, Gives Daughter One Last Kiss

Joey Feek has been battling cancer since she was diagnosed in May 2014. She’s fought a fierce battle, but now it seems the end is near.

On Monday, February 29, Joey’s husband and duet partner Rory Feek shared the most heartbreaking post yet on his blog This Life I Live. He revealed that his wife has decided “enough is enough,” and she is ready to stop fighting.

“Joey has done all she set out to do… even right to the very end, and by sheer will-power (and God’s grace), she was still here to to see our baby’s 2nd birthday,” Rory wrote. “Over the last number of weeks her pain had gotten worse and her health had continued to decline rapidly. And not long after Indy’s birthday my wife decided that ‘enough is enough.’ She was ready to stop fighting and she told me so. She said the flowers would soon be blooming back in Tennessee. It’s time to go home.”