Crazy Russian Hacker Reveals Survival Hack #54 — Swedish Fire Torch And Stove Goes Viral On YouTube [Video]

Taras Kulakov, better known on YouTube as the “Crazy Russian Hacker,” is at it again as he presents “Survival Hack #54” which happens to be a Swedish fire torch or stove. The video was so popular, most likely among survival enthusiasts, that it is currently going viral online.

For those who are unfamiliar with Taras Kulakov as the “Crazy Russian Hacker,” he is a Russian-American known for his life hacks and do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. They usually range from something as simple as sponge hacks to chemiluminescence, the emission of light through chemical reactions. As a means to add a flair of comedy to his videos, Taras Kulakov usually speaks in a Russian accent.

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Right now, Taras Kulakov’s latest video is getting plenty attention. In it, he shows viewers what he calls “Survival Hack #54,” how to build and use a Swedish fire torch or stove. As shown from the video attached above, the process of making one is quite easy. All one needs to do is take three small logs about a foot long and six inches in diameter, stack them vertically in a tripod formation. Next, fill the central space with small twigs and light it with kindling. Kulakov provides another “survival hack” in which he made a fire starter out of a pine cone. After the fire is established and a decent amount of smoke is pouring out of the center, one can use the Swedish fire torch as a stove. Taras Kulakov does not mention if the stove is good enough to cook, but he is confident enough to say boiling water is possible.

Taras Kulakov The Swedish Fire Torch and Stove is the latest “survival hack” to go viral on YouTube. The Crazy Russian Hacker has been creating “survival hacks” since 2012. [Image via Screen Capture of “Swedish Fire Torch/Stove – Survival Hack #54]The video of Taras Kulakov teaching viewers how to make a Swedish fire torch and turning it into a Swedish fire stove is making its rounds of popularity on social media circles. It was uploaded on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Within two days, more than 350,000 viewers have learned “Survival Hack #54” as of the publication of this article. Over 12,500 of those viewers liked the video. As a matter of fact, the video is so popular right now, it is currently featured on YouTube’s #PopularOnYouTube list. Presently, it is ranked number seven on the list. Most likely, that will be the highest it will ever reach.

For those who are interested in learning the 53 other survival hacks Taras Kulakov has made, they can be found on his official YouTube page. They include cutting a can open with a machete and making safety fuses. Kulakov also does numerous science experiments and other jokes and tricks.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]