Teresa Sievers’ Husband Charged With Murder: Hired Two Men To Bludgeon His Holistic Doctor Wife To Death With Hammer

Holistic doctor and mother-of-two Teresa Sievers was bludgeoned to death in her Florida home while her husband and two children were visiting family in Connecticut. Her husband, Mark Sievers, has been arrested for hiring two men to kill the woman in their family home, as the pair were allegedly suffering from marital problems and planning on divorcing. Though divorce was allegedly looming, Mark Sievers was still listed as the beneficiary on Teresa’s life insurance policies, which totaled over $4.4 million.

The Daily Mail reports that police have finally arrested Mark Sievers in connection with his wife’s grisly murder. The holistic doctor, who was well-known in the community, was found bludgeoned to death in her family home in June of last year. Crime scene evidence indicated that a childhood friend of Mark Sievers had committed the crime along with another friend. The pair were arrested on charges of murder, but the investigation was far from over.

When questioning Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. and his alleged accomplice, Jimmy Rodgers, the police uncovered what they believed to be a murder-for-hire plot initiated by Teresa’s own husband Mark. However, without enough evidence to prosecute, Mark was not arrested. Instead, police focused efforts on speaking to the two suspects in custody as well as obtaining phone records and communications between Wright and Sievers leading up to the murder.

Police discovered that a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence pointed to Mark’s involvement in the murder. However, they needed a smoking gun to charge Mark for the crime, as they had the two murderers who actually committed the act in custody. With Mark in Connecticut at the time of the murder, they needed solid proof that he had hired the men for the sole purpose of murdering his wife. The motive police determined in the murder was the marital and financial problems the couple was facing. It was reported the pair were heard fighting frequently and that they owed over $32,000 to the IRS. Both Teresa and Mark allegedly also were having affairs on the side as their marriage disintegrated.

Despite their problems, Mark was still listed as the benefactor on Teresa’s life insurance policies, which totaled over $4.4 million, enough money to take care of the Sievers’ financial problems and for Mark to live nicely after Teresa’s death. Therefore, the police believe Mark had his wife murdered in a bid to secure the finances from her insurance policies.

The indications of Mark’s involvements began at the start of the murder investigation when Rodger’s girlfriend, Taylor Shoemaker, contacted authorities to report that her former boyfriend had stated that Mark hired him to murder Teresa. Other evidence, such as Mark calling his mother-in-law hours before Teresa returned home to tell her to turn off the burglar alarm also set police off that something was amiss with the husband. After listening to numerous calls between Mark and Curtis, police uncovered the sinister plan as the pair allegedly talked in code about disposable cell phones.

According to ABC News, Mark Sievers was arrested on Friday and appeared cold and unemotional in court. The Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott says that Mark was so cold in court that he wasn’t even sure he had blood running through his veins, let alone any regret for the murder.

“No emotion there. I’m not 100 percent sure he’s got blood in his veins. I think it might be ice.”

[Image via State Attorney’s Office via Naples News]