Tom Payne Talks About Jesus On ‘The Walking Dead’: Is Jesus A Good Guy?

Fans were just introduced to Jesus on The Walking Dead, and this character played by Tom Payne is one that everyone is curious about right from the start. E! Online was able to catch up with Tom Payne and get some of the details on his character Jesus and even find out about Tom Payne’s crazy connection to Andrew Lincoln, who is also on The Walking Dead. They both actually have the same voice coach and Tom shared that they have worked together in the past. These two seem to get along well.

“Andy and I—I’ve known Andy before. We worked on a TV movie together and we’re from the same hometown. And, actually, we use the same voice coach.”

Now when Tom Payne and Andrew Lincoln’s characters met up on The Walking Dead things didn’t go quite as smooth as they did in real life. Tom Payne talked about how this is a very serious television show, but in the first scene he is in, Tom is being chased all around a field. He was able to figure it out though, and Payne is fitting in. He shared some of the details about how it all started out for him on the show.

“It’s a really lovely introduction. I was very happy with the whole thing because, for me, coming into the show, it’s nice to come in and change the energy a little bit, and I really think that’s what the character does. He comes in—you know, the episode’s called “The Next World”—and he comes in and introduces a whole new thing.”

Tom Payne knows that there is a lot of pressure being a new character on a show like The Walking Dead. This show has such a huge fan base. Tom realizes that he is dealing with fans who know the character already from the comic books and fans that are just getting to know him as Jesus on the television series. One thing about his character in the comic books is that Jesus is openly gay. Tom Payne didn’t share for sure if they will go that way on the series, but Tom does think that people will be happy with whatever they decide to do. Tom Payne also shared that Jesus has a few tricks up his sleeve still to try and win over Rick and Daryl. It won’t happen right away, and they will basically keep him as a prisoner until he convinces them that they can trust him.

Bustle shared a few more details of Tom Payne’s character Jesus, who is based on the comic books. In the comic books, Jesus, played by Tom Payne, is actually a good guy. It may not look that way just yet, but Jesus isn’t all bad. In the comic books, he will bond with Rick and Maggie both. It is going to take Jesus some time to win them over though, and it won’t come easy. Jesus comes from Hilltop Colony in the comics, and so it sounds like this may end up being where the story line is going next, which could mean a lot of new characters that have to win over the faithful viewers.

Do you like Tom Payne’s new character Jesus on The Walking Dead? Do you think that he will find a way to win over the fans? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of The Walking Dead on Sundays on AMC.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ Magazine]