Donald Trump Did Not Give Chris Christie The Cold-Shoulder, Tell Him To ‘Go Home’ On Hot Mic [Full Video]

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was seemingly caught red-handed telling his latest big endorser Chris Christie to “go home” following a campaign event. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie introduced Trump to the stage, news outlets reported that a “hot mic” situation led to an embarrassing situation in which Trump gave Christie the “cold-shoulder” by telling him to “go home” and pointing him in the direction of his plane. However, the nine-second clip only showed a small portion of the exchange and left out the true context of which Trump was making the remark.

Former Rival Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump: 'He's The Best Person To Beat Hillary'
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announces his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Politico first reported that Trump told Christie to “go home” following a campaign event. The nine-second video showed the moments after Christie introduced Trump to the crowd as Trump leans in and tells Christie to “‘get in the plane and go home. It’s over there.” Those sharing the video indicated that the “hot mic” situation was proof that there was turmoil between Christie and Trump and that the pair’s friendship is a fraud. Many took to Facebook sharing the video noting that Christie was played as a fool for endorsing Trump and that the warm welcomes are now over.

The Bipartisan Report noted that the exchanged proved Christie was an “idiot” and that Trump doesn’t care about his latest endorsement.

“The Donald made it clear that he didn’t need or want Christie’s endorsement when Christie introduced Donald at one of his rallies in Tennessee this afternoon. As Donald walks up to the podium he grabs Christie’s hand to shake it. He then leans in to whisper something into Christie’s ear that the microphones didn’t pick up. It was when the two separated a bit that the audio picked up and it could be clearly heard that Trump was telling Christie to get in the plane and go home. Christie, being the shlub he is, did nothing to stand up for himself and followed the orders given to him. Christie then raises his hand to wave at the crowd, then turns and leaves.”

With videos of the “secret” exchange making the rounds on the web, many were wondering what happened in the moments leading up to the exchange. Fortunately for Trump supporters, Real Clear Politics was able to secure video footage of both the moments before and after the alleged snub of Christie by Trump. The full video paints an entirely different scenario.

Watch the full video of the exchange below.

With the full video playing it is rather obvious that Trump was not trying to hide his words when he approached Christie. In fact, he gets louder when he tells Christie, who had been campaigning at multiple events for Trump throughout the day, to go home. It does not appear to be a “hot mic” situation but rather Trump didn’t mind if everyone heard him dismiss Christie, whom he would then heavily praise.

When the video is watched in full, the exchange doesn’t seem so controversial, as it appears Trump was simply telling Christie that he has done enough for him and that he could go home on his dime. In fact, Trump goes on to publicly praise Christie to the crowd saying this is “one endorsement that I really wanted” calling Christie “the right guy” as he continued to thank Christie as he made his way to the plane.

Therefore, unlike the original sinister reports indicated, Trump and Christie’s partnership seems to be going well with Christie spending his time shadowing Trump for all his major events. The “go home” statement appeared to be Trump’s way of releasing Christie for the day to go be with his own family and telling him to “get on the plane” would be the equivalent of a supervisor telling an employee to “go home” earlier they have done enough. The showering of praise that followed as Christie exited is more proof that Trump and Christie are likely not on the outs and will be seen at many future events together.

Does the full video clip change your opinion on what was taking place at the Donald Trump campaign event?

[Image by Mark J. Terrill/ AP Photo]