2017 Acura NSX: Build Your Own Version Of This First-Ever Hybrid Supercar Online

You can own a brand new 2017 Acura NSX by placing an order for it online. This weekend, Acura was also kind enough to launch a configurator at the web address which lets you build your own version of the NSX. But not everyone is computer savvy. If you’d rather handle everything in person, you can stroll right on into an authorized NSX dealer and order the 2017 Acura NSX; Acura’s first-ever hybrid supercar, which will be on the market this Spring.

The Acura NSX is the first build-to-order vehicle from Acura, and the vehicle offers a plethora of options to choose from. That being said, prepare to be able to spend somewhere near $205,700 if you decide on a top end variant. With the $9,400 wheels and other expensive extras, this may not be a feasible option for everyone who wants an NSX. If you don’t have that kind of money, and no one can blame you if you don’t, you can settle for a cheaper model that may cost about $156,000.

“The NSX is the pinnacle expression of Acura precision crafted performance and we’re thrilled to take the next step toward bringing it to market,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division. “We’re creating new space within the supercar realm, pushing the envelope beyond the conventional thinking about supercars – just like the original NSX.”

Honda recently held its first 2017 Acura NSX auction at Barrett-Jackson, and the supercar sold for a staggering $1.2 million to a very lucky owner, Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and founder of Hendrick Automotive Group. The proceeds are being given to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

“It was amazing to witness such generosity of spirit and passion for the new NSX,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of Acura. “Mr. Hendrick will have the great satisfaction of owning and driving the very first next-generation NSX, and making a difference in the lives of thousands of children.”

The 2017 NSX comes with a first-of-its-kind Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive power unit and an incredibly comfort cockpit that allows for the highest performance driving. Currently, the 2017 Acura NSX also can get up to 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque, which is quite impressive. Engineers who are working on the NSX are now looking at ways that they can increase the performance to some degree. And if they can improve on what they already have, the 2017 Acura NSX would be one of the best vehicles in its class.

The engineers have given the Acura NSX a 3.5 liter V6, and they still don’t feel that they have completely tapped into its highest potential. Even though the current model is pretty strong, the engineers would like to vastly improve on that strength. The power to displacement ratio of 143 is terribly low in comparison to the NSX’s potential. If the turbochargers were improved, the power to displacement ratio would certainly rise, which would make the engine much more efficient.


The Acura NSX offers comes with a lengthy list of accessories that include an illuminated door sill trim that will cost $1,500, floor and trunk mats that will run you about $1,200, a car cover costing $415, wheel bolt locks that will cost $125, a cargo net for $50, and an extra set of wheels for just under $10,000. When doing the math, the cost comes to about $219,289. You can save about $25,000 if you decide to do without carbon fiber on the corners of the vehicle. There are also rumors of a higher-performance version called Type R for around $275,000.

There is a lot to look forward to as the owner of an NSX.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]