Former Governor Jan Brewer Unites With Donald Trump On Border Control, Backs Trump For President

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer has chosen to throw her considerable support behind Donald Trump, backing him for the 2016 presidential candidacy. This move by Brewer is not really surprising, as she, like Donald Trump, has been an outspoken advocate for border control.

As the governor of Arizona, Brewer says she fought hard to bring about change to close the Arizona border states a related report by the Inquisitr.

“For years I pleaded with the federal government to do their job and secure our border. Today, we can elect a President who will do just that – Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump will secure our borders, defend our workers and protect our sovereignty.”

In addition, Jan Brewer also changed the Arizona immigration law in 2010, according to CNN. This law put into place the requirement of immigrants to always have their registration papers in their possession to prove legal immigration status. If any foreign person was suspected of being in the United States illegally, the law required police to question the individual. At the time, it was noted as the strictest of immigration laws.

Though Brewer’s law was challenged in 2015 and changed somewhat, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton decided to uphold the “show your papers” portion, as well as allowing police to check the status of an immigrant, reports Reuters.

Jan Brewer shares the vision of Donald Trump to gain control of illegal immigrants pouring into our country. As the leader of a state with unsecured borders, Brewer has witnessed first hand the devastation that can hound United States citizens as a result of illegal immigration, USA Today notes.

“Arizona’s unsecured border is the gateway of illegal immigration into the United States and the politicians in Washington D.C. have continually failed to secure our border. As I’ve always said, ‘A nation without borders is like a house without walls — it collapses.’

“As Arizona’s Governor, I witnessed too much heartache, loss and suffering caused by illegal immigration. I’ve seen communities destroyed by the drugs, gangs, drop houses and cartels. The cost of health care, education and incarceration for illegal immigrants places a crushing burden on taxpayers. Workers of all backgrounds are deprived of jobs and income from our open, bleeding border.”

The endorsement of Donald Trump by Jan Brewer again brings the crisis at our borders into the spotlight. There are very few politicians who are vocal about closing the U.S. borders. One can assume the topic is avoided in an attempt to be politically correct and not anger Hispanic voters.

Does this really make sense, though? Anyone living here without permission obviously cannot vote, and those who have gone through the correct channels to secure a home in America are among those harmed by illegals. Donald Trump has a huge number of supporters in the Hispanic community.

Of course, Donald Trump is thrilled to have received the backing of former governor Jan Brewer.

“I love the state of Arizona and have received incredible support throughout the state. I am leading in all the polls and we have had amazing events with tremendous crowds. I am honored to receive this endorsement from Governor Brewer.”

Endorsements are rolling in for GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Chris Christie, who was also campaigning for the 2016 Republican nomination, has announced that he backs Donald Trump, as well.

The endorsement by Brewer may very well thrust Donald Trump to even greater heights than he has already realized. Do you think Donald Trump should be the next president? Share your Trump opinions here.

[Photo by Matt York/Associated Press]