John Cena Throwback: JBL ‘Has No Guts’ — So Cena Literally Bought Him Some, It Got Disgusting After That

John Cena Throwback - JBL 'Has No Guts' — So Cena Literally Bought Him Some, It Got Disgusting After That

John Cena and John “JBL” Layfield have had an interesting past, to say the least. Remember when Cena was confronted concerning his title? The WWE Network remembers. In a recently posted video, JBL received an unlikely “care package.” John also surprised the crowd with a special presentation of his own.

Last week, on WWE Network‘s site, the organization featured a video time capsule of when John Cena showed JBL the size of his “man parts” by defaming him in front fans, numbering into the tens of thousands. While Cena was giving a presentation for his WWE Championship Spinner title, his nemesis interrupted him.

According to WWE Network, John Cena allowed him to speak for a while, and JBL mentioned that Cena wasn’t going to tear down the “legacy” that had been built regarding his champion status. JBL thought it was the perfect or “fitting” time to confront the Spinner title wrestler.

After referring to Cena’s title as nothing but “bling bling,” JBL started to open the mysterious box in front of him — of which he had stolen from Cena. Allegedly, it was the box that held John’s WWE Championship belt. However, from Cena’s thought-out plans, it was for Layfield all along.

John Cena Throwback - JBL 'Has No Guts' — So Cena Literally Bought Him Some, It Got Disgusting After That - John Layfield
John Cena apparently set him up for the fall, because when he opened the box, he was stunned by the gift inside. That’s when Cena, himself, resumed speaking, as follows.

“Whoa, the WWE Championship ain’t in that box, man! That… that was supposed to be a gift for you, man!”

As JBL’s hands sifted through the contents of the package, he found himself rummaging through the leftovers of animal intestines (guts). To add insult to his opponent’s ego injury, John began to elaborate on his position.

“I thought, ‘what do you get the man who has everything?’ Then, I got it. So, I went to the best slaughterhouse in Chicago and got you what I know you didn’t have… guts!”

Then, Cena left the ring and headed toward his opponent, as if to physically confront him. However, that didn’t happen in the way you might think. Once John was at JBL’s side, he further embarrassed him with a pouring presentation. Yes, Cena dumped the animal intestines on JBL’s head and body.

Afterwards, Cena made his way back to the ring and mentioned that, due to his interruption, he got what he deserved — in so many words. “I told you before, Homie. There’s those who talk about it, and there’s those who be about it,” said Cena.

As it turned out, John Cena had the new WWE Championship Spinner title in the ring above him. Upon mentioning it, he grabbed it from the heavy-duty lanyard and showcased it for the Chicago audience.

If you’d like to watch the scene, it is found in the video below.

[Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.]


The Championship Spinner title has a middle, suspended piece that allows it to mimic spinning wheels, better known as “Spinners.” As a visual, as rap group Three-Six Mafia said in their song “Ridin Spinners,” the car stops, but the wheels keep spinning.

Essentially, this is what John Cena was causing the Spinner title to do while he was in the ring. JBL remained near the arena entry — underneath the Titantron — and loathing in the guts John claims he didn’t possess within himself.

Nevertheless, recently, John Cena has allegedly recovered from surgery, in time to face the Undertaker. However, according to Bleacher Report — since Shane McMahon is back in the picture, the Undertaker will be facing him instead of John. So, where does that leave him?

What’s your stance on John Cena’s legacy? How heavy has his impact been amid the wrestling entertainment industry? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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