Jan Brewer Joins ‘Xenophobic’ Paul LePage, David Duke With Trump Endorsement, Support

Jan Brewer, who served as governor of Arizona from 2009 to 2015, has officially endorsed Republican poll front-runner Donald Trump’s candidacy for the U.S. presidential nomination, according to a press release by the Trump campaign.

“For years I pleaded with the federal government to do their job and secure our border,” Jan Brewer was quoted in the release. “Today, we can elect a President who will do just that – Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump will secure our borders, defend our workers and protect our sovereignty.”

Jan Brewer joins Maine Governor Paul LePage with Donald Trump Endorsement. Donald Trump. [Photo by Benjamin Krain/Getty Image]Brewer joins Maine Governor Paul LePage, described as “xenophobic” by Gawker, with her endorsement of Trump and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and presidential candidate David Duke with her praise.

Though David Duke has not formally endorsed Donald Trump, he has advised his followers that not voting for Donald Trump is “treason to your heritage,” as reported by Politico. Trump has disavowed the support of David Duke, but only in the “most milquetoast way imaginable,” Chris Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center was quoted by the Huffington Post.

“Here in Maine, we have seen firsthand the burdens imposed by politicians who allow illegal immigrants to take advantage of our hardworking taxpayers,” Paul LePage was quoted in a press release by the Trump campaign.

Jan Brewer, David Duke, and Paul LePage among xenophobes expressing support for Donald Trump presidential campaign. David Duke. [AP Photo/Burt Steel]Former Governor Brewer described Arizona communities as being ruined “by the drugs, gangs, drop houses and cartels” with costs associated with paying for education, healthcare, and imprisonment of illegal immigrants placing a “crushing” load on Arizona residents. The former Arizona governor also described the border with Mexico as “bleeding.”

Donald Trump praised Jan Brewer’s endorsement by stating that he is the leader in polls conducted in Arizona and that he has been met with “tremendous” crowds at events held in the state.

Paul LePage stated that Donald Trump is the only candidate who is paying for his own presidential campaign, and as such he sees the businessman — who has been audited for a number of consecutive years, refuses to release his tax returns, and been accused of fraud, as reported by the Inquisitr — as having the ability to break the hold special interest groups have on U.S. Congress.

On Friday evening, at the CNN Republican debate held in Houston, fellow GOP candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz relentlessly hammered Trump on his perceived lack of transparency.

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has joined Maine Governor Paul LePage in endorsing Donald Trump. Maine Governor Paul LePage. [AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty]In the released statement, Donald Trump was quoted praising Paul LePage’s endorsement, describing him as a “great asset.”

The Maine governor has been quoted as espousing a belief that President Obama “hates” Caucasians, that the NAACP can “kiss [his] butt,” and that people named “D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty,” who bring drugs into his state often, “impregnate a young white girl before they leave,” as reported by Gawker.

In 2010, leading up to her signing of illegal immigration bill SB1070, Jan Brewer was quoted as stating that authorities have found bodies in the Arizona desert that had been beheaded, as a means of underscoring the urgency with which she felt the bill needed to be passed and made law, as reported by CBS.

Subsequent investigations revealed absolutely no evidence for Brewer’s beheading claims, along with a number of other falsehoods, including that Phoenix had become the No. 2 kidnapping capital globally, that most people crossing the border between Mexico and Arizona were “drug mules,” and that illegal immigrants were responsible for the majority of murders of law enforcement officials in the state.

Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who leads a state that, like Jan Brewer’s, shares a border with Mexico, has been named as a potential candidate for vice president of a Trump presidency, as reported by Newsmax.

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