Kourtney Kardashian Angry With Kylie Jenner Over Snapchat Of Scott Disick?

Scott Disick may have fallen off the wagon, and Kylie Jenner may have been there to witness it.

If that’s the case — if Jenner did stand by and watch her older sister’s ex-boyfriend drinking — well, then Kourtney Kardashian is livid, one source reports.

According to a source for Hollywood Life, Kourtney believes the entire situation shows that Kylie is extremely immature and that Jenner is enabling Disick.

“Kourtney is absolutely livid with Kylie for posting that video on Snapchat. Not only does it show Kylie’s immaturity with the whole situation, but it’s also a very insensitive thing to post. Kourtney now feels that Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga are enabling Scott, inviting him to parties where there’s so much temptation for an addict that’s just come out of rehab.”

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats of Scott Disick were posted from behind-the-scenes of Tyga’s performance for his Rawwest Alive tour at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Disick, who split from Kardashian in July after nearly a decade together, checked into rehab back in October. Kourtney and Scott’s split came after Disick was seen cozying up in the south of France with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli. According to reports, Disick was drunk when the alleged cheating incident occurred.

Disick’s struggles with alcohol and substance abuse has been chronicled extensively on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and it’s widely known that Disick has a penchant for checking into rehab and leaving quickly — sometimes even on the same day.

So when Disick stuck with rehab for more than 30 days, fans really seemed to root for the 32-year-old reality TV star. Reports indicated that Disick wanted to sober up in order to win back Kardashian and spend more time with the three children they have together: Mason, 6; Penelope, 3; and Reign, 1.

According to the Hollywood Life source, Kourtney absolutely will not allow Scott to spend time around his children if he’s going to use drugs and alcohol.

“Kourtney wants to support Scott as much as she can, but she won’t stand for this kind of behavior. It will always be a last straw for her, threatening him into good behavior by taking the kids away, but it’s getting to that point now where he is starting to revert back to his old ways. Kourtney had hoped she could count on her family’s support with this, but she’s really been left disappointed with Kylie and Tyga.”

Admittedly, there are a lot of “ifs” in this situation. No one has confirmed that Scott Disick was in fact under the influence when he appeared in Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat video — though many media outlets believe it’s obvious that Disick wasn’t sober.

“In videos Jenner posted to Snapchat from backstage, Disick was clearly wasted,” Gossip Cop wrote.

Since Jenner posted the videos to Snapchat, Disick has come under fire for his insensitive remarks about the Holocaust. Disick is Jewish.

“It’s a Holocaust in this [expletive],” Disick can be seen saying. “I’m tryin’ to go to a rap show, and they tryin’ bring me back to my pad.”

In a separate Snapchat of Disick, he can be seen showing off his diamond watch.

The videos come just a few weeks after Disick was reportedly seen drinking beer at a club in New York City at the same time that Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 launch was taking place. Later that night, Disick was seen partying with Tyga and Jenner.

What do you think of the news that Scott Disick may no longer be sober? Do you think Kourtney Kardashian has a right to be mad at Disick? Why or why not?

Find out more about Scott Disick’s reported drinking in the video below.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment]