New York Fashion Week: 2016 Fashion Trends

New York Fashion Week ended on Thursday and we got to see many trends for 2016 already. One thing that comes to mind with this huge week in New York is a question of are we seeing new trends, or is Fashion Week all about the marketing side of things now instead of actually looking at the new fashion trends?

Fashion Week is changing with the times, according to Mashable. It is giving the power back to the people instead of having the power with the fashion gurus all the time. Now fashion designers are responding to the younger generation and showing their collections that are available for immediate purchase.

However, according to Asbury Park Press, although Fashion Week is changing, they are changing for the better by keeping up with the times. This is because those who really love fashion, want the option to buy what they like as soon as they see the photos of the clothes online. No one likes to wait, even if it makes things better. This is especially true about the younger generation. They definitely don’t like to wait and when they see something they like, they want it now, not later. Here are some trends we got to see at Fashion Week 2016.

New York Fashion Week is keeping up with the newest design trends.
(Photo by Daniel C Sims/Getty Images)

Autumn leaves is the color palette for fall. This includes dark greens, moss green, dark, rich reds, and pumpkin. But these are also mixed with the traditional fall neutral colors including winter white, black, and gray.

We also got to see some ’80s looks in coats with the long, full coats by Tracey Reese, while others opted for longer, sleek lines that gave a look of the future. Although leggings used to be in, they were absent for Fashion Week 2016 and many designers instead opted for flared pants.

Many of the skirts were still long, but we did get to see some ’60s style mini length skirts. Also, if you are into fringe, you are in luck because fringe is in this year. Many of the fringe effects that were created were made with feathers and beading to make a splash and shine.

Fashion designers need to make their designs available for purchase immediately these days. [Photo by Daniel C Sims/Getty Images]What do you like to wear during the day? Many of the designers, according to APP, went toward elegance and decadence for day wear. If you enjoy fringe and feathers hanging from your jeans, you are in luck because this is in this year too.

Although many designers went to the future with their designs, some went back in the past. This included Tracey Reese again, whose clothes have always had a vintage vibe to it. Although Reese went all the way back to the 1930s with her fashion designs, Kor only went back to the ’60s with his newest trends. Now, the DVF girls went with the ’70s look, while BCBG went with a tribute to David Bowie for their fashion inspiration.

There were also some celebrities modeling off some new fashion trends during Fashion Week 2016, including Lady Gaga, who modeled Marc Jacobs designs on the runway. Not only did Lady Gaga cause some stir on the runway with Marc Jacobs designs but there were two other celebrities who wore collections on the runway. One was Rihanna who wore the Fenty Puma collection down the runway. Kanye West walked the runway with the Yeezy 3 collection as well.

What do you think about the 2016 fashion trends during Fashion Week? Who would you wear now? What do you wear now? Is what you wear now in with the new trends we are seeing these days? Sound off with your opinion in the comment section and let everyone know what you think about the new fashion trends of 2016.

[Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images]