Second Bear Spotted At Mall In Pittsburgh [Video]

A mall in Pittsburgh is currently dealing with a bit of a bear problem. For the second time in just a few days, a black bear has made a visit to the mall.

According to CBS Local, a bear was spotted at a mall in Pittsburgh at about 6:45 this morning. The bear was first spotted outside of the Olive Garden at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall but soon found himself browsing the aisles at a department store.

Pittsburgh Mills issued a statement saying:

“Pittsburgh Mills is very concerned with the bear sightings around the property. We work very close with Frazer Police Department, which is based within the mall, on all issues concerning public safety. In this case the Pennsylvania Game Commission has been contacted for help in resolving this issue.”

Officials were able to shoo the bear into the woods behind a nearby Wal-Mart and the Pennsylvania Game Commission has set up a trap in order to safely capture the shopping bear.

A Game Commission spokesman said that the second bear may have been following the scent of the first bear, which was captured at Sears on Saturday night.

Here’s a video about the bears at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.