Lenovo Yoga 900 May Be A Great Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, And MacBook Air Alternative

Microsoft’s laptop/tablet hybrids may be gaining a lot of attention right now, but it’s Lenovo’s Yoga 900 that has received the best reviews. PCAdvisor is one of the sites giving praise to Lenovo’s well-received ultraportable.

“The Lenovo Yoga 900 is a laptop that really asks you to believe in its design style. After all, it doesn’t come cheap and for the price you can get a laptop with much more power if you’re not out for something immensely portable. That’s where this laptop excels: portability. As well as being slim, light and all-round lovely, the smart hinge lets it sit where most other laptops just can’t.”

The review notes that the battery should last for a full day’s work. The only minuses of the review were minor trackpad issues (“fiddly”) and the fact that the display isn’t perfect. CNET also gave the Lenovo Yoga 900 four stars.

“Lenovo clearly listened to feedback about last year’s high-end Yoga, keeping the excellent overall design but boosting the specs to match other premium 13-inch laptops,” says reviewer Dan Ackerman.

The conclusion of the review summarizes what a lot of other critics have been saying.

“The latest version of Lenovo’s Yoga hybrid laptop is easily the best yet. It takes the excellent revamped design from the previous model and adapts it to work with higher-end components, showing a significant real-world improvement in both performance and battery life.”

The Lenovo Yoga 900 has received a lot of praise on Twitter.


At first, some people were having display problems and some took to the Lenovo message boards in order to complain.

“I picked up my Yoga 900 three days ago I am very pleased so far… I have display driver glitch. Every few hours the my screen flickers goes black and a message comes up and says: ‘Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered.'”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
The Surface Pro 4 also had display driver problems when first released. [Photo via Daryl Deino]
However, this issue certainly wasn’t specific to the Lenovo Yoga 900; it was a problem with all Microsoft notebooks using Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processors. A conversation with a manager at the Microsoft Store in Los Angeles reveals that it was an Intel issue that Microsoft couldn’t control, until Intel released an update. It appears that thanks to all the updates, the Lenovo Yoga 900 works very well now.

The Yoga 900’s main competition is not only the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, but also the MacBook Air and, possibly, the MacBook Pro. Unlike the Yoga 900, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro don’t have a touchscreen. Apple has stated, in the past, that they aren’t interested in putting out notebooks with touchscreen capabilities since their touchpads do all of the work. However, that may soon change due to the great success of the Lenovo Yoga 900, the Surface Pro 4, and other PCs.

Another laptop that may compare to the Lenovo Yoga 900 is Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Spin, which also has a 360 degree hinge. Inquisitr looked at this laptop last month and gave it a very favorable review. However, the colors appear to be more accurate on the Lenovo Yoga 900’s screen.

Three years ago, PC laptops seemed to be dead. However, thanks to products like the Surface Pro 4 and the Lenovo Yoga 900, it’s considered cool to have a PC again.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]