Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Break Up Rumors: Strippers, Cheating, And House Arrest Lead To Epic Blowup And Possible End Of Relationship

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are at odds with each other and it looks like their relationship might be headed for the finish line. Many Minaj fans wondered for months what she saw in Meek, but for whatever reason, the Pinkprint rapper stood by her man. Now that Meek is stuck in his Philly home for at least 90 days, Minaj has reportedly had enough. Not to mention, Meek has been accused of cheating with a stripper while his girlfriend was away living a house-arrest-free life.

Apparently, Meek is getting lonely sitting in Philadelphia by himself. TMZ reported on Saturday that Meek asked his girlfriend Nicki Minaj to move to Philly with him while he sits out the rest of his house arrest sentence. That request was reportedly denied by Nicki, leading to a huge blowup between the rappers. Can anyone blame Minaj for not wanting to put her own career on hold?

Meek Mill is facing some serious issues, with his own career in a court-ordered stall at least for 90 days. Meek’s house arrest starts on March 1 and he’ll be stuck inside, only allowed to leave his home to perform community service, and even that has to have the court’s permission. Meek is not allowed to record music while on house arrest either despite his involvement in hip hop feuds with both Drake and 50 Cent.

There have also been reports that Meek and Nicki are starting to have some other major issues in their relationship. There has been talk that Meek and Nicki got into a huge fight because she was spending a week in Los Angeles. Some are wondering if Minaj is totally over Meek Mill or if she’ll be headed back to make up with him soon.

It might not just be as simple as Meek’s request that Nicki move to Philadelphia temporarily either. Some reports indicate that Meek might be spending his time away from Minaj with some local strippers. Would Meek really be stupid enough to cheat on Nicki Minaj with a random stripper? As The Shade Room put it, Meek Mill can’t afford another L, so let’s hope that story is just a rumor.

Made TV claims that Nicki’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels already spilled the tea on Meek’s alleged cheating ways. They claim that Nicki Minaj has been taking a social media break because she is so depressed over Meek Mill’s rumored cheating. “Nicki is caught between a rock and a hard place,” the Made TV source claims. “She loves Meek, and she knows that he needs her to keep his freedom, but she feels very disrespected. But Nicki is a strong woman, she’s laying low, composing herself, and when she comes back out – she’s going to be READY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT.”

Nicki Minaj did the most to help Meek Mill beat the probation violation charges that led to his current house arrest situation. Is the “Anaconda” rapper done dealing with Meek’s legal problems? Many of her fans never understood the connection between Meek and Nicki anyway. It seems like Minaj could land a much higher-profile rapper, or anyone for that matter, that would be better suited for her than Meek. He couldn’t even beat Drake in a rap feud and fell recently to 50 Cent after taking shots at him as well.

So did Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj break up? So far, there is no official word from either camp. We’re betting the end is near though, because Meek will be on lockdown until early summer and Nicki just announced a pretty exciting set of South African tour dates. It doesn’t seem like she’ll be changing her mind and shacking up with Meek so that he doesn’t get lonely.

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