Fetty Wap Paternity Feud: Did He Just Admit The Baby Is His By Retweeting Masika Kalysha?

Fetty Wap has been requested to take a paternity test, according to Hot New Hip Hop. The “Trap Queen” singer also faces huge child support payments if the paternity test comes back positive.

Masika Kalysha, who shared a romantic history with Fetty Wap, wants to find out once and for all who the father of her upcoming baby is.

When Kalysha first announced she was pregnant with Fetty Wap’s child, the rapper didn’t pay much attention to it, dismissing the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starlet’s claims as “unlikely.”

Fetty Wap later said that if the child indeed turns out to be his, it was the result of Kalysha’s concerted efforts rather than an accidental pregnancy. Kalysha, of course, wasn’t happy to hear such statements, and that’s when they exploded their Twitter feeds with accusations and insults.

However, as noted by Hot New Hip Hop, Fetty Wap has recently changed his tone about Kalysha and her upcoming child. Without actually admitting that the child could be his, he apologized to Kalysha via his Twitter account last week.

Despite Fetty Wap’s efforts to settle the matter peacefully and quietly, Kalysha still went to court to file papers requesting a paternity test from the “My Way” rapper. If the paternity test comes back positive, Fetty Wap will have to make huge child support payments.

According to the papers filed by Kalysha, Fetty Wap and Kalysha were intimate for longer than just one night stand, as the rapper originally claimed. As for the child support, Kalysha wants monthly payments: $4,500 for rent, $820 for a housekeeper and $2,000 to dress her upcoming child.

Moreover, Kalysha wants sole custody of the child, but judging by Fetty Wap’s reaction to this whole issue, it will be interesting to see what kind of role he wishes to play in the child’s life. The child is due within the next couple of months, while the Kalysha vs Fetty Wap feud rages on.

More recently, Fetty Wap retweeted a very telling Twitter post by Masika Kalysha. In doing so, did he just change his mind and admit that the baby is his?

Just five months after a motorcycle crash in which Fetty Wap broke his left leg in three places, the rapper is riding again, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ, Fetty Wap is back in the saddle again, and is currently learning new tricks with the Go Hard Boyz, a Harlem motorcycle group, for a project that has a goal to help benefit Harlem city.

On Wednesday, Fetty Wap posted a video via Instagram, in which he shows off some killer moves on a four-wheeler.

Fetty Wap could show up at a SXSW Interactive party on March 13-14, according to Austin 360. Such a conclusion has been reached after analyzing the rapper’s Monster Energy Outbreak Tour schedule. It happens that the “Trap Queen” rapper will not be too far away from the venue where SXSW opens in San Antonio on March 16. Fetty Wap’s show at the Aztec Theater, San Antonio, takes places on March 12.

Last week, Demi Lovato showed off her Fetty Wap singing skills, according to USA Today. Lovato was a guest on Friday’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon episode, during which she played the somewhat-popular game “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”

Lovato and Fallon took turns singing children’s songs as famous singers, who were randomly selected. Jimmy Fallon sang as Louis Armstrong and Dave Matthews, while Lovato impressed everyone with her impersonation of Fetty Wap’s musical stylings as she performed “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

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