‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Finalists ‘Aren’t Really In Love Yet’ Claims Former ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky

Ben Higgins‘ run on The Bachelor is quickly approaching its end. With only three women left (Lauren Bushnell, JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn), Higgins has some major choices ahead as the hit reality shows prepares for its finale. While love appears to be in the air, are the contestants really in love with Higgins? According to former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, their love might not be as genuine as it appears.

In her recent blog post on Aliluvs, Fedotowsky pointed out how some of the finalists have had a difficult time telling Higgins those three intimate words. For Fedotowsky, this is a clear sign that the ladies are living in the moment and aren’t truly experiencing love.

“The reason these girls can’t tell him ‘I love you’ is because they aren’t really in love yet. Can I be 100 percent certain they aren’t in love? Well no, of course not,” she wrote. “I can say that EVERY person I’ve ever talked to on the show has told me that they weren’t really in love on the show, they just thought they were in the moment.”

Ali Fedotowsky [Image via ABC]
Ali Fedotowsky [Image via ABC]
As some may recall, Fedotowsky participated in Season 6 of The Bachelorette. According to Us Magazine, she chose Roberto Martinez during the finale, but split from him a year after the end of the show. Fedotowsky eventually found her true love in Kevin Manno and went on to elaborate a little more on the issue of love at first sight.

“I’m just saying, when on the show you tend to believe your feelings are stronger than they actually are because of the circumstance you are in. Which is totally OK,” she stated. “Jojo’s brother put it perfectly – they’ve only been in two 1-on-1 dates at this point – can you really know someone at that point? And I believe in ‘lust-love’ at first site but I STRONGLY believe that to KNOW someone is to love someone.”

While Fedotowsky is fairly certain that the contestants are not really in love, Hollywood Life is reporting that Higgins’ has fallen for two of the finalists. In fact, an insider revealed that Higgins’ final choice weighed heavy on him, especially after telling both women that he loved them.

“He saw something he liked in both girls. They’re both really loving and nice and serious about finding love,” the source shared. “Ben definitely regretted ‘I love you’ to both women. He realized the inevitability of what was going to happen: needing to send one home in the end.”

Even more, Movie News Guide is reporting that Ben Higgins may have slept with all three ladies during the Jamaica vacation. This is something that did not sit well with host Chris Harrison, who has since claimed that the Bachelor star “is not gentleman enough” in his dealings with the women on the show.

“What we are about to face is multiple women in love with Ben, and he is in love with multiple women. And it does not look right,” Harrison added.

Unfortunately, Higgins could only choose one of the contests in the end. While fans eagerly await the finale’s results, his decision did not go well for one he rejected. Naturally, the source stated that “there were a lot of tears” following Higgins’ decision.

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Lauren Bushnell [Photo by Craig Sjodin/Getty Images]
Apparently, Higgins was so torn between the final two women that he sought out the help of his mother for guidance. For her part, she advised him to go with Lauren Bushnell over JoJo Fletcher or Caila Quinn, though that has yet to be officially confirmed.

Fans can find out which contestant Higgins’ picks when the finale for The Bachelor premieres on March 14 on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think that the finalists aren’t really in love with Ben Higgins? Which one do you think he will choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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