Gordon Ramsay: Girl Scout Cookies Resemble Dog Food – Prove Him Wrong & Profit With Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest

Gordon Ramsay is not fond of Girl Scout cookies – and most Girl Scout troops and fans of their cookies probably feel the same way about him at this point. Chef Gordon recently shocked with his negative commentary when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live and accepted an offer to try the treats for the first time. Ramsay even received a warning from Jimmy about just how sacred those Girl Scout cookies have become, but that didn’t stop the chef from dissing the supposed delights, reported the Daily Mail.

Kimmel clarified that before his appearance on the show, Gordon was not familiar with the heritage of Girl Scout cookies. So Jimmy attempted to help the celebrity chef understand.

Gordon Ramsay had never tried Girl Scout cookies. Gordon Ramsay had never tried Girl Scout cookies. [Image via Girl Scouts website]“This is almost sacred territory you’re entering here,” cautioned the talk show host.

Kimmel displayed a platter overflowing with cookies including Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas.

“There’s the American flag, there’s Willie Nelson, and then we have Girl Scout Cookies. Those are the only three things we care about,” summed up Jimmy.

Kimmel even expressed concern for how Ramsay might be regarded in the future if the famed chef dared to diss Girl Scout Cookies.

“I don’t want to get you run out of the country,” added the talk show host.

But all those warnings did not seem to make a difference to Gordon.

Tagalongs resemble "dog biscuits," claimed Gordon Ramsay. Tagalongs resemble “dog biscuits,” claimed Gordon Ramsay. [Image via Girl Scouts website]“I mean visually, they look like dog biscuits,” said Ramsay of the peanut butter-filled Tagalongs. “Are they always this small?”

Gordon sampled one, pronounced it “okay,” and questioned Jimmy as to the definition of a “Tagalong.” Kimmel didn’t exactly help the cause, joking with a response that added to the horror when Ramsay compared Girl Scout cookies to dog food.

“[Tagalong is] an Indian word. It means dog biscuits,” quipped the talk show host.

After comparing the appearance of that type of Girl Scout cookies to dog food, Ramsay proceeded to an additional taste test. He spit out the Samoa cookies, gagging.

Could Samoas enchant Gordon Ramsay? Could Samoas enchant Gordon Ramsay? [Image via Girl Scout website]“That’s a bit weird,” summed up the chef.

Surely Thin Mint cookies would fare better when it came to the Gordon Ramsay taste test gauntlet? Not so, although Kimmel attempted to provide a more positive introduction.

“These are my favorite,” shared Jimmy of the Thin Mints. “Now what I will do is I put them in the freezer and then you pull out the sleeve, and you eat them all in one sitting.”

The celebrity chef bit into one.

“So that’s like a cheap, After Eight dinner mint,” said Gordon, spitting it out.

Thin Mints didn't delight the celebrity chef. Thin Mints didn’t delight the celebrity chef. [Image via Girl Scouts website]“Gordon Ramsay’s visa just expired!” announced a grinning Kimmel.

Ramsay later attempted to defend and even take back his Girl Scout cookies comments on social media.

“The little mint ones were nice,” retracted the chef.


He also complimented the Girl Scouts for their “hard work,” alleging that Kimmel had given him “stale” cookies. But with those slams at the beloved classic treats, has Ramsay turned Girl Scout cookies lovers into haters of his celebrity status?

Those who believe in the virtues of Girl Scout cookies can prove Gordon wrong and make money as well by participating in the new Girl Scout Cookie recipe contest.

The second National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, sponsored by Taste of Home, takes place now through March 25, reported E News.

Just in time to celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie weekend, you can indulge your kitchen creativity. Choose from your own favored flavor of Girl Scout cookies, then whip up a unique recipe. Prizes range from $250 to $500, with publicity as part of the tempting reasons to participate.

For full details on the cookie contest, check out the Girl Scouts website, where you can also find recipes to inspire you.

[Image Via Girl Scouts Website]