Caitlyn Jenner Lands Major Cosmetics Deal With MAC: ‘I Am Cait’ Star To Launch ‘Finally Free’ Lipstick

Caitlyn Jenner is following in her famous daughters’ footsteps. The high-profile E! reality star has landed a major cosmetics contract with MAC, according to CNN. Jenner will launch a limited edition lipstick for the high-end makeup company, making her the most famous transgender star to cut such a deal.

In a statement about Caitlyn Jenner’s new deal, a MAC rep said the I Am Cait star has all of the qualities that the company looks to.

“She has come to represent courage, fearlessness, honesty and compassion — characteristics long-prized and celebrated by MAC. Her beautiful transformation inspires all of us to live our best lives and to honor who we are.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s new lipstick will be called Finally Free. The limited edition, neutral shade will be created by the former Olympic champ, and all sales proceeds will go towards the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative.

In an interview posted on the MAC website, Caitlyn Jenner said she always thought of MAC as high quality makeup. She also noted the company’s willingness to support causes close to her heart. Still, Jenner seems like she can’t believe that she’ll be the new face of the cosmetics giant.

“Before I came out, the impression I had of MAC was, ‘That’s quality; that’s the good stuff’… And honestly, my ultimate fantasy — I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen — was to get involved with a makeup company. When you’re going through all of this, that’s just like never going to happen, but wouldn’t it be something to be involved in a project like that? Boy, watch out what you wish for, because it came true.”

Caitlyn said she chose the name “Finally Free” for her new lipstick because it best represents where she is in her life after publicly coming out as transgender less than a year ago. The athlete-turned reality star famously came out to the world via a Vanity Fair cover last June, in which she revealed that she legally changed her name from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.

“I wanted a name that I use, and which represents the community. This is who I am: Finally Free…No more secrets. I’m free. I woke up the other morning, and I was just happy. Getting dressed, going out, I’m accepted in the world; people are nice. Life is good. I’m Finally Free.”

Jenner also explained how she decided on the shade for her signature lip color. Caitlyn said she wanted to create a universal color that would work for both night and day, so that people will use it up and buy more. The star, who was the face of Wheaties cereal back in her previous life as Bruce, wants to sell a lot of lipstick to raise money for her cause.

“I wanted a lipstick that would be universal, suited to more people, and was an everyday lipstick, not just a high-glam, once-in-a-while kind of lipstick. I like a little color on my lips, not a lot during the day. And this rosy nude is the color I’ve gone to. To be honest, I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money.”

Of course, Caitlyn isn’t the only Jenner who has launched a cosmetics line. Her teen daughter Kylie unveiled her highly successful Lip Kit line late last year. In addition, Caitlyn’s 20-year-old daughter Kendall is the face of Estee Lauder. Kendall recently released a custom eye shadow palette, Estee Edit, for the upscale cosmetics company.

Caitlyn Jenner’s new Finally Free lipstick will be available April 7, on Watch the video below for more on Caitlyn Jenner’s journey to become the new face of MAC.

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