Indulge Your Pokémon Nostalgia With This Giant Snorlax Pillow For $460

Looks like nostalgia for the Pokémon franchise doesn’t come cheap these days.

February 26 marked the twentieth anniversary of the Pokémon game, a day known to fans of the popular franchise as Pokémon Day. In addition to Nintendo announcing that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on Friday morning, Premium Bandai is planning to start selling a massive Snorlax plush according to their website.

The enormous cushion that resembles the beloved fat and lazy Pokémon, famous for sleeping at inconvenient locations and can only be awoken by music from a Poké Flute in the games. The officially licensed furniture piece can function as a cushion, a bed, or just a massive stuffed animal. At nearly 5 feet tall and weighing in at 12 kilograms, it’s every trainer’s dream.


While it may not be big enough to block a road, this Snorlax is clearly big enough for kids to sleep on its belly, though it may be slightly too small for a grown person. The exact dimensions are 150 centimeters tall, 130 centimeters wide, and 60 centimeters thick, thankfully falling short of the Snorlax’s actual in-game measurements of 2.1 m (6’11”) and weight of 460.0 kg (1014.1 lbs.).

Kotaku previously covered a licensed Snorlax pillow, and an unlicensed Snorlax bed. It seems there are now more and more ways to realize the true Pokémon fan’s dream of snoozing with a Snorlax. RocketNews24 noted that the tubby Pokémon’s character design makes it perfect for a bed/cushion hybrid.

“Pikachu may be Pokémon’s king of crowd-pleasing cuteness (and dancing), but that doesn’t mean that the other Pocket Monsters don’t have their own specialties which they do better than anyone else. As you might guess from his name, Snorlax snoozes superiorly to any of his Pokémon brethren, so much so that his slumbering body has functioned as a roadblock in both anime and video game chapters of the hit franchise. So even though Pikachu is featured on the lion’s share of Pokémon merchandise, when it came time for Bandai to make a Pokémon bed, Snorlax is the one who got the nod as model.”

Technically speaking, the product is classified as a cushion, but Bandai obviously understands most kids and nostalgic adults are going to want to take a nap on the creature’s ample belly.

Bandai issued some words of caution along with their new product; though users will thankfully be alleviated from having to provide the Snorlax’s regular diet of 900 pounds of food (though as Bulbapedia notes, it is not a picky eater), the cushion does not come with a Poké Flute included to wake it up, so this Snorlax sadly cannot be awoken at any time. In addition, users should avoid recreating scenes from the Pokémon anime and game by placing the Snorlax cushion in the middle of a road or pedestrian walkway.


The plush’s official slogan is the “Kabigon Cushion that makes you never want to wake up” (Kabigon is Snorlax’s Japanese name), and Bandai also accepts no responsibility for missed exams, deadlines, or responsibilities that come from excessive napping on the Snorlax’s stomach.

Toy manufacturer Bandai is distributing the Snorlax cushion on behalf of The Pokémon Company, though neither has announced a Western release for the item at this time. In addition to the highly anticipated Sun and Moon installments, according to Polygon, serious Pokémon fans and would-be trainers will also be able to look forward to a line of legendary Pokémon collectibles to be released from now until December.

Pre-orders start on Friday in Japan and will be accepted until March 31 for 52,000 Yen or $462. That price also does not include shipping.

Shipping for the product is expected in August.

[Photo By Getty Images / Handout]