Get Live South Carolina Democratic Primary Results Streaming: Bernie Sanders Tries To Close In On Clinton

Live streaming results from the South Carolina Democratic primary should start coming in shortly after 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, and Hillary Clinton appears set for a big victory. But some polls show that Bernie Sanders has closed the gap with his front-running rival, at least somewhat, and may be able to post a respectable showing in the February 27 vote that could allow him to claim the momentum heading into the all-important Super Tuesday primaries just three days later.

Polling shows that Sanders has virtually no chance of winning the South Carolina primary, and poll numbers from most of the 11 states that will vote on Tuesday show Clinton holding clear leads. It will be critical to the Bernie Sanders campaign to outperform expectations in South Carolina primary results on Saturday, and to maintain the perception among the electorate — and the media — that Sanders remains a candidate with a legitimate chance to overtake Clinton and claim the Democratic nomination.

South Carolina Democratic Primary Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's popularity with African-American voters is set to give her big victory in South Carolina (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

There haven’t been many hopeful signs for Sanders coming out the first southern state to vote in the Democratic primary race. One slightly positive sign may be found in the polling average, which includes polls taken in South Carolina through Thursday, February 25.

According to Pollster, a site operated by The Huffington Post, Sanders has shown a slight upward trend in the past month, rising from 30.7 percent support on January 21 to where he stands now, at 34 percent.

During that same period, at least in the tabulations, Clinton has seen her support drop somewhat, from 61.8 percent to 58.4. If that trend is real, and it continues through Saturday, February 27, Sanders could get results in South Carolina that he could sell to voters as evidence that his grassroots political “revolution” is real and growing.

To find out whether Sanders will be able to perform better than the South Carolina polls indicate, get live streaming results by checking the links below in this article — or stay right here on this page and watch live coverage from ABC News Go in the video below.

Another source for live streaming video of South Carolina Democratic primary results can be viewed in this video, below.

For reasons that pundits have spent a great deal of energy debating, Hillary Clinton performs far better among African-American voters than Bernie Sanders, who despite some high-profile endorsements from prominent African-Americans including film director Spike Lee and rapper Michael “Killer Mike” Render, has been unable to make significant inroads with the African-American electorate.

With African-American voters making up almost 28 percent of the South Carolina population — compared to just 1.5 percent in New Hampshire where Sanders has scored his only victory so far — Clinton leads overwhelmingly among members of that voting bloc who are over the age of 45, with 78 percent in a February 18 NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll. She also leads among younger African-American voters.

Though Sanders has relied on support from younger voters nationwide, in South Carolina, African-American voters below age 45 prefer Hillary Clinton by a margin of 52 percent to 35 for Sanders in the same poll.

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In both Iowa and New Hampshire, where the electorate is overwhelmingly white, Sanders won 80 percent of voters under age 30, and 55 percent of those between 30 and 44-years-old.

For a last-minute refresher on where the candidates stand on issues relating to South Carolina voters, and nationwide, watch a full replay of the February 23 Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders South Carolina Town Hall, carried by CNN, in the video below.

Voting in South Carolina begins at 7 a.m. Eastern Time on February 27, and closes at 7 p.m. — 4 p.m. Pacific. Live results should start streaming shortly after polls close.

South Carolina Democratic Primary Hillary Clinton voter
South Carolina voters go to the polls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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