Woman Caught Trying To Smuggle Huge Amount Of Cocaine In Vagina Through JFK Airport

A woman was going through John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport earlier in February when she ended up having to undergo inspection from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers. Fast forward to a bit later and after having some questions asked, and it was revealed by Shekira Thompson that she was attempting to smuggle something in her vagina. That “something” ended up being a half-pound of cocaine.

Yes, a full half-pound of cocaine was packaged tightly, wrapped up, and had been inserted into Thompson’s vagina in an attempt to smuggle it into New York from Jamaica. The amount of cocaine on and in her person is worth around $10,000.

According to ABC 7, Shekira Thompson had presented herself for inspection at JFK Airport, and she was escorted to a private search room. Accompanied by officers and customs agents, she was questioned and soon admitted to having the cocaine on her.

When asked where it was located, Thompson revealed that it was in her vagina.

A tightly-wrapped and taped package was removed from her vagina and opened by customs agents. Once the package was opened, they noticed the white powdery substance which was inside and tested it which resulted in a positive for cocaine.

Robert E. Perez is the Director of CBP’s New York Field Operations, and he is proud of the way his agents worked in this situation and got more drugs off the streets.

“This seizure is just another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of these illicit drugs.”

The cocaine was confiscated and Shekira Thompson was placed under arrest. She is due to appear before the Queens County Court District on charges of narcotics smuggling.

Now, this may sound strange, and it is, but U.S. Customs does deal with a lot of weird and odd cases on a daily basis. Customs all around the world actually have to put up with and experience things that many people don’t realize would ever happen.

As reported by Coconuts Hong Kong, a man was recently arrested at an airport in Hong Kong after attempted to smuggle eels. Yes, he was caught with 30 kilos of “suspected” European eels which are extremely endangered in the world.

Baby eels are indeed a delicacy in Japan, and European countries as well.

The man was arriving in Hong Kong from Lisbon, Portugal, after having also gone through Dubai. When customs agents began getting suspicious of him, they went through his bags to find countless baby eels.

Anyone who is smuggling and found guilty of importing endangered species without a permit and the proper license can receive a fine and even jail time. In Hong Kong, the maximum fine is HKD5 million and it could be accompanied by a prison term of two years.

Customs agents around the world are having to pay even more attention now as travelers are getting more creative as time goes on. They are smuggling animals, foods, weapons, drugs, and so much more in ways that agents and officials aren’t yet aware exist.

The woman attempting to smuggle half a pound of cocaine in her vagina and through JFK Airport is just one of the latest strange stories that have come out of U.S. Customs. Shekira Thompson is now looking at possible fines and jail time for her actions.

[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]