Fifth Harmony’s New Album 7/27 — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Fifth Harmony just announced the title (7/27) and release date (May 20) for their much-anticipated sophomore album. As there’s only 84 days until the big release day (not that anyone’s counting or anything…) take a look at everything you need to know about Fifth Harmony’s upcoming release.

Max Martin is involved
Legendary producer Max Martin, who’s worked with come of pop’s biggest superstars – like Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift – had a hand in at least one track on Fifth Harmony’s upcoming sophomore release.

Lauren Jauregui let slip that the Fifth Harmony girls had been working with Martin and his team in Los Angeles last year, and she had nothing but praise for the superstar producer.

“[Max] is in a great spirit the whole time,” Lauren told Billboard in October. “[Fifth Harmony have] been wanting to work with Max for a while, and his camp as well. They’ve produced some of the best records of all time, year after year, consistently. They’re so talented and creative, and there’s real camaraderie and positivity.”

It’s a “different sound” for Fifth Harmony

Speaking to Spin magazine in October, Dinah Jane Hansen admitted that 7/27 is “another level” for Fifth Harmony and features a “different sound” we may not be used to hearing from the Fifth Harmony girls.

“This is definitely another level for us,” Dinah confessed to the site last year. “It’s a side of Fifth Harmony that no one’s really seen. In the beginning, we were super happy. Our first album was very jumpy. This time, we’re showing who Fifth Harmony really is behind closed doors.”


It’s sentimental
7/27 is pretty sentimental for Fifth Harmony… at least the title is. While the seemingly random numbers left some fans scratching their heads when Fifth Harmony announced the new album’s name earlier this week, it turns out that 7/27 actually has a very special meaning for the girls.

7/27 actually refers to July 27 2012, the day the girls – who originally auditing for Fox’s The X Factor as solo artists – were officially put together as a group to form Fifth Harmony.

It’s more personal
Dinah Jane Hansen also confessed to Spin magazine last October that the Fifth Harmony ladies have all been writing about their personal lives for the new album.

“We’re writing [about] our own experiences about love and everything, stuff that’s actually what’s going on right now,” the Fifth Harmony beauty admitted to the magazine. “We’re all 18, 19, 22, so a lot is going on in our lives,” Hansen continued, “We’re just happy that we get to finally have a say now with what we want and the direction that we want.”

It’s show’s off Fifth Harmony’s more vulnerable side
Not only can we expect to see a more personal side of Fifth Harmony on 7/27, but also a more vulnerable one.

Dinah’s Fifth Harmony band mate Normani Kordei confessed to InStyle last year that Fifth Harmony fans can “definitely expect more maturity and vulnerability” on 7/27. “Our last album didn’t really showcase our vulnerable side. But it’s okay to cry and get caught up in your emotions – that’s what’s realistic,” she admitted.

It’s “fresh” and “different”
Producer Harmony Samuels let slip way back in July that he’d been working with the Fifth Harmony girls in an interview with Idolator, when he had nothing but praise for Fifth Harmony’s “fresh” new release.

“I just started working with [Fifth Harmony] last week for their new album. It’s really different,” Harmony told the site at the time, adding that Fifth Harmony have “definitely grown” since the release of their first studio album, Reflection.

“It’s really fresh… It’s a little bit more soulful, a little bit more quirky, definitely a little bit more Destiny’s Child-esque, you know what I’m saying?” Harmony continued to the site, adding “You’re going to hear more of their voices as individuals.”

“Work From Home” is 7/27‘s lead single
“Work From Home,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign, is officially the lead single from Fifth Harmony’s upcoming release.

The Fifth Harmony girls announced the title of the sassy track earlier this week, and dropped the music video, which you can watch below, earlier today.

Fifth Harmony’s second studio album 7/27 it set for release on May 20.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]