Marco Rubio Plays The Trump University Card In The Latest Republican Debate

At this stage in the Republican primary campaign, low blows are something only to be expected between the candidates. The latest debate amongst the candidates took place last night, giving Marco Rubio the opportunity to slam Donald Trump with the failed so-called “Trump University.” Rubio slammed Trump for the scheme that many students have poured a fortune into in the hope of becoming the next Donald Trump.

The incredibly fraudulent Trump University is without a doubt a stain on what Trump describes as his squeaky clean record. Fraud claims against Donald Trump came rolling in late last year over his Trump University. Launching in 2005 before being forced to close in 2010, Trump University saw 10,000 students through its gates. The program promised students success in the world of real estate through a series of courses and seminars that The Donald himself modelled himself from.

Donald Trump promised nothing but success from Trump University, so it’s easy to see why students came rolling in from across the world. However, Trump last year faced a number of lawsuits from students claiming that Trump University simply didn’t provide anything on the level of what it says it would. In fact, New York’s attorney general went as far to say that when they looked into the scheme they found it to be a complete scam.

Trump University was never actually a university, despite taking in an estimated $40 million in revenue from customers across the country.

Considering how high profile the Trump University case was when it came to light late last year, it was only a matter of time before one of the other candidates on the Republican field used it was ammunition against the increasingly unstoppable Donald Trump. The first of those candidates to do so was Marco Rubio, who chucked the following at Trump:

“There are people that borrow $36,000 to go to Trump University, and they’re suing him now. And you know what they got? They got to take a picture with a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump.”

As expected, Trump was quick to stump up a defensive argument, but not one that many would argue is his strongest. In fact, Trump couldn’t retaliate with anything much better than “I’ve won most of the lawsuits,” which says something more about Trump’s lack of respect for the law enforcement process than it does his honesty, many commentators have pointed out. We’d usually expect that a weak recovery like that from a candidate would set them back in terms of popularity, but with Donald Trump, we doubt that’s even possible.

Marco Rubio is now believed to have the complete backing of the Republican establishment, who are concerned that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would struggle greatly to catch the votes of the American public when the vote goes to the American public.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to see either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders hitting Donald Trump with the Trump University blow should he win the nomination this summer. With that in mind, we very much suspect that we’ll be hearing more about Trump University over the course of this campaign. In fact, we’re only surprised that the likes of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio have waited until now to throw the card into the debate ring.

For the meantime, Trump’s supporters don’t appear particularly concerned around the allegations thrown towards their candidate. In fact, it’s difficult to see any form of blow like this one knocking Trump down, who is spiraling towards the candidacy.

[Photo by Pool/Getty images]