‘The 100’ Season 3, Episode 7 Spoilers: Will Lexa’s Peacemaker Act Backfire?

The 100 Season 3, Episode 7 is titled “Thirteen.” Airing next Thursday on the CW network, the synopsis and two sneak peek clips have been released. Expect to see Lexa playing peacemaker, Clarke discovering a strange game-changing truth and viewers will go back in time to witness humanity’s dark past. Spoilers for The 100 also hint that Lexa may soon face consequences for her decision not to get vengeance for Pike and Bellamy’s anti-Grounder massacre.

On the last episode of The 100, Lexa began to show more of her true self. Her feelings and fears were exposed to Clarke when Lexa woke from a nightmare. As Lexa explained her dream, her guarded soul lay bare for Clarke to see. This is important because in the past, Lexa was seen as a tough leader who made difficult decisions without letting her emotions get in the way. For some time, fans of The 100 wondered if Lexa was even capable of feeling love, sadness or remorse. In Season 3 of The 100, it is clear that Lexa has feelings, doubts and fears just like the Sky People. Those who hated Lexa for betraying and abandoning Clarke at Mount Weather may not, despite the Grounder, dislike her as much as before.

When Lexa decided to try a peaceful approach, instead of fighting back against Pike and Bellamy, was it for the right reasons? This is just a theory, but it is likely that Lexa’s decision wasn’t for the Grounders, but for Clarke. She didn’t side with Clarke to make her happy. Lexa needs to rebuild Clarke’s trust and one way to do that is by helping the Sky People because that is what is most important to Clarke right now.

However, in times of war, leaders and warriors need to be careful of their emotions. Feelings have a way of clouding judgment and making the wrong choice is something that can be fatal on the battlefield. This is exactly what the promo for The 100 Season 3, Episode 7 teases. Will Lexa end up regretting her decision? As Lexa told Clarke, the Grounders have traditions and things have been done a certain way for a long time. The clan is not ready for sudden changes, especially at a time when the Grounders want justice.

According to Spoilers Guide, the synopsis for “Thirteen” reveals that Lexa will be playing peacemaker. As for Clarke, she will discover a strange truth that will change everything. As The 100 Season 3 spoilers from Variety promised, “Thirteen” will show viewers humanity’s dark past. This episode will feature a flashback to help explain some things, including the Grounders culture and what made them who they are today.

A promo clip for The 100 Season 3, Episode 7 shows that Lexa’s judgment is questioned. The clan leader becomes angry and Lexa insists her feelings do not affect her leadership skills. Will things work out for both Lexa and Clarke‘s people? Or will the Grounders take matters into their own hands, by either getting revenge on their own or try to remove Lexa from her leadership position?

A sneak peek for The 100 Season 3, Episode 7 has some of the same scenes as the promo clip. However, it does go a little further into teasing the consequences of Lexa’s decision. Pike went through with his plan to destroy a village. After learning of this, it is obvious that Lexa’s people want vengeance more than ever. How will Clarke protect the Sky People from retaliation? Will Lexa change her mind about doing nothing? Stuck between Lexa and the Sky People, how will this affect Clarke’s relationship and what decisions will be made?

The 100 Season 3, Episode 7 is titled “Thirteen” and airs March 3 on the CW network.

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