‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano DiMera Returns In A Vision And Chad Experiences Heartbreak

Days of Our Lives fans will see the return of a recently deceased character, but this Salem resident is not coming back to life. DOOL spoilers tease that Stefano DiMera is returning to Days of Our Lives in a vision. Fans of the NBC soap opera should also expect Chad DiMera to experience heartbreak.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Stefano DiMera is returning to Days of Our Lives. However, it won’t be a case of the dead returning to life. DOOL spoilers state that next week, Chad will be thinking about his father when Stefano appears as a vision. Even though Andre DiMera found his father’s body and knows without a doubt that Hope Brady murdered Stefano, Chad didn’t put too much stock in Andre’s theory. However, Salem’s forensic experts have confirmed that it was Stefano DiMera’s body and “The Phoenix” was murdered. Chad will have a difficult time dealing with losing his father. Stefano will appear to Chad in a vision or as an apparition. Chad will have a heart-to-heart with his deceased father and tell Stefano that he loves him. “The Phoenix” will try to ease Chad’s suffering by telling him that he loves him, too.

However, there is something that concerns “Chabby” shippers. Heavy speculated that next week on Days of Our Lives, Stefano may ask Chad to ease up on Andre. As DOOL fans recall, Andre returned to Salem, caused a whole lot of trouble and brainwashed Chad. It resulted in Chad leaving Abigail right after he saved Abigail from Ben. Abby was confused, but realized something was wrong, leading her to use their baby to snap Chad back to reality. That is not an easy thing to forgive, and under normal circumstances, Chad would probably say “no.” However, if the request is Stefano’s post-death wish, Chad might feel obligated to try. Could this lead Chad and Abigail to break up? It certainly is possible, but it is more likely that Abigail’s exit from Days of Our Lives will be far more dramatic. Besides, there is no way that Chad would risk leaving his son.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also indicate that Chad DiMera will be heartbroken. It has been confirmed that Chad finds out Ben Weston has escaped from a mental institution. He is coming back to Salem and will probably want revenge. With actress Kate Mansi leaving Days of Our Lives, could Ben murder or kidnap Abigail and Thomas? This would certainly shatter Chad to the core and could also lead the character to step into the dark side. Soap Central published DOOL spoilers implying that several Salem residents will be in danger when Ben escapes from the psychiatric hospital.

As for the rest of Salem, Stefano will also be remembered by other DOOL characters. Several Salem residents will gather at Brady’s Pub to talk about Stefano and how they survived the soap opera villain.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that in the near future, one character may continue to lose control when they realize their revenge was targeted at the wrong person. This sounds like it could be Hope Brady. She blamed Stefano for Bo Brady’s death and shot him. At the time, she was completely mad, but since Stefano’s murder, she seems to be stabilizing a bit. When Hope finds out that Stefano was not responsible for Bo’s abduction, torture and death, will she really slip back into madness?

There is a possibility that this DOOL spoiler is referencing another character. However, it was teased that on February 26, Hope will receive a devastating phone call. Perhaps she will learn about Chase raping Ciara and that along with Stefano not being guilty, Andre’s revenge tactics as well as putting Rafe’s career and life on the line will just be too much for Hope to handle. Fans will have to tune in to Days of Our Lives next week to find out what will happen.

What do you think of Stefano DiMera returning to Days of Our Lives? What kind of heartbreak will Chad DiMera endure? How will Abigail Deveraux exit the NBC soap opera? What will happen with Chase, Ciara, Hope, Rafe and Andre?

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