Elton John To Janet Jackson: ‘I’d Rather Go See A Drag Queen! F— Off!’

Elton John is older now and set in his ways, and that may be why he’s so critical of his contemporaries. Or he may have a legitimate gripe. Either way, Elton wasn’t at all soft spoken when he expressed his views on Janet Jackson’s musical talent, or lack thereof. While Janet wasn’t the only person for whom Elton had some choice words, his sentiments for her were sharp and will surely sting the singer.

Elton John Says He May Have Been Wrong About Madonna, But Janet Jackson Is Another Story


For years, Madonna and Elton John were caught up in a vicious feud, all prompted by the “Yellow Brick Road” singer’s accusations that the Queen of Pop lip-synced at her concerts. In retrospect, Elton admits he may have taken things a bit too far with Madonna. He adds that he wrote her a sincere apology and, proving herself worthy of that “Queen” title, Elton John says she was truly gracious.

Now, Elton is leveling the very same accusation at another 80s pop sensation, and Janet Jackson may not be as gracious once she hears what Elton thinks of her.

“You know, f—–g music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, ‘This is the greatest show – four and a half stars’. If it’s f—-g lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show! I’d rather go and see a drag queen. F— off.”

Jackson only recently released her 11th studio album, following that up with her Unbreakable World Tour, so she may not have heard Elton’s thoughts on her performances. It seems very likely that we can expect a measured response from Janet, as soon as she does receive word of John’s statements.

Elton John Holds A Grudge. Just Ask His Mother


Sheila Farebrother is Elton John’s number one fan. For her 90th birthday, she even hired an Elton John impersonator, but only because the real one wouldn’t come for a visit. Sheila is Elton’s mother, though currently the son is not on speaking terms with the mother.

Elton says it upsets him that things ended up the way that they have, but he adds that he doesn’t miss her. He says her snide comments and foul insults toward his partner of 23 years turned husband, David Furnish, were more than he could bear.

“I don’t hate my mother,” Elton says. “I look after her, but I don’t want her in my life.”

As Elton approaches 69, he says he’s realizing there’s more to life than work, and he wants to take the time to appreciate it all. He no longer sees himself dying for his art, now that he has a husband and children. Elton says there’s so much more to look forward to in his life. Taking his sons to soccer and baseball games tops Elton’s list, but he adds that there’s much more, whole lifetimes to experience as a father.

Even though family time is important to him, Elton John still isn’t quite ready to retire. He has family on the road, as well. Take his longtime touring partner Billy Joel, for instance. He loves Joel like a brother, which is why he didn’t hold back, when lecturing Billy on his drinking habits.

“He’s one of the great American songwriters. But I know when people used to say to me, ‘You’re wasting your life,’ I’d go, ‘F— off!’ and I wouldn’t speak to them for two years,” Elton says. “Billy was pissed, and I understand. But does it mean I don’t love him? No, of course not.”

Never let it be said Elton John beats around the bush.

[Image by Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images]