Does Rogaine Work? Not For This Bald Walgreens Thief, But He Keeps Stealing It Anyway [Video]

Does Rogaine work? Even women are asking this question as they consider the product at their neighborhood Walgreens, but one thief seems to be stockpiling the hair-growth chemical for a motive that’s not yet clear to Cincinnati law enforcement.

Of course, anyone is entitled to fight their baldness with Rogaine, no matter how far into the matter they happen to be; but, authorities are confused about one man in particular who appears to have a completely shaved head. As of this writing, authorities believe the alleged thief racked up $847’s worth of the treatment, mostly stolen from Walgreens locations around Ohio city and its suburbs.

Authorities are assuming that, as the man appears to have no use for Rogaine himself, he’s swiping the product in order to sell it online or at flea markets. That narrative fits in with the other products he’s slipping into his pockets. He’s also loading up on prostate capsules and memory supplements. Mount Healthy police Detective Chris Jones told WRKC they still weren’t positive what the crime spree was all about.

“It’s a lot of Rogaine. We’re not too sure. We’re trying to look into that; but our feeling is that he’s trying sell this Craigslist or Ebay.”

Walgreens asks Does Rogaine work?
A local Ohio man has allegedly been hard at work stealing Rogaine from Walgreens. [Image via MHPD]
Walgreens employees at work when the Rogaine thief strikes all report the same method. By choosing not to vary his path, he put himself into a recognizable, and compromising, position. Jones said that police now have a lock on how he pulls off the heist every time.

“He’ll go to an aisle, take a basket and then he’ll conceal the merchandise in the basket. Open the product, then store it in his clothing, leaving the discarded boxes in the store in a separate aisle.”

Perhaps it’s not so surprising that this man would want to get in on the action. Rogaine has churned out at least hundreds of millions of dollars in sales since it was first offered in the late 1980s. By 2008, the company was ready to establish the product as a norm of everyday bathroom maintenance. The boom that followed was partially due to the creation of a foam application, which made the Rogaine much less messy. It was also at that time they began to target younger men who might not show signs of balding yet, reported The New York Times.

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As far as authorities are aware, this is the first time the area has seen a rush to steal Rogaine from Walgreens shelves. Jones commented that it was certainly an anomaly in his experience. The kind of items usually stolen in such masses tend to yield a little bit more of a profit for thieves, though the man could be making up to $50 a box.

“Very strange, the Rogaine for Men and Women obviously it’s popular product, but as far as large quantity theft of product, I haven’t seen it before.”

Police officers are advising locals in the Cincinnati area to be on the lookout for the bald Rogaine thief. They believe he is driving a white Jeep, and may quite possibly still be at large. Anyone with information leading to his arrest may contact Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

Does Rogaine work for Walgreens shoppers
Let’s hope Rogaine works, even if it doesn’t seem to have done much good for this guy. [Image via MHPD]
Still, it might be a tough sell for the clients of this hairless thief. Many of them might take a look at him and wonder, “Does Rogaine work?”

[Images via Mount Healthy Police Department]