WWE News: Real-Life McMahon Family Drama Behind The Scenes Now Happening On TV?

With Shane McMahon’s return this past week on WWE RAW, a lot of questions came with it. Of course, most fans were happy to see Shane O’Mac make his shocking return to the company, but why is he back, and how did Vince McMahon manage to get the prodigal son to return to WWE? Even if his role is just through WrestleMania 32, why is he back with WWE now of all times?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon was said to have devastated to learn of the John Cena injury. He wanted Cena to face The Undertaker in what was sure to be a huge match. Vince felt a “legend vs. legend” match would have been an easy main event level match to sell the show on. When it was made clear that Cena would not be back, Vince decided on another plan.

However, he could have chosen any other wrestler to face The Undertaker. He could have had a Brock rematch. He could have thrown AJ Styles up against him. There are various people that this would have been perfect for. Why was Shane McMahon the guy? Well, it seems that there is more to what we see on TV than just your everyday storyline.

McMahon Family
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It is said that there is a real-life soap opera playing out behind the scenes with the McMahon Family. WWE has forced other real-life storylines to come out on television in the past, from the Edge and Matt Hardy storyline to various others. It is not shocking that they would use their own family drama to force out a great storyline for WrestleMania season.

According to the Observer, the family drama is quite juicy if you’re into that sort of thing. Apparently, Shane was always assuming he would be the next in line for the WWE throne. He was then passed by Stephanie and Triple H when it was made clear that she understood the product more and had a better creative mind. Of course, she was also willing to wait and sit behind her father for as long as he was willing to be at the top.

Shane left the company when it was made clear to him that he would not be getting the role at the top anytime soon — if ever. Stephanie and Triple H began to gain more power in WWE, even though Shane had various roles in WWE. One such role had to do with media, and he was the one who helped WWE land so many of its Global Media deals.

Did Stephanie and Triple H only rise up so high in WWE because Shane wasn’t there? Vince Russo told Wrestling Inc. that Vince McMahon was not ready to step down in 2009 when Shane was ready to be the guy in charge. Shane then left due to that, mainly because he felt he was ready to be a business leader in his own right. He did just that. So it does seem that Shane McMahon leaving WWE really did help others rise whereas they probably would not have if he was still there.

Shane Vince
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Shane was more business oriented when he was with WWE, and he was not on WWE’s creative team like Stephanie and Triple H were for years. Vince saw Stephanie as the right person for the job, but it seems she only got the spot because Shane left. That is why his line about never losing “his spot in line” is so interesting. He very well could not have, and now that he has shown that he can be a success away from WWE, who will say that Vince doesn’t see Shane in a new light?

Plus Shane is a businessperson. He doesn’t need to wrestle again. In fact, he doesn’t even have to be with WWE right now as he has more than enough money to sustain a long, healthy life for himself and his family. All of this being said, there is obviously a lot more going on than just a return match. It very well could be that Vince feels Shane is the best business-oriented child he has and could get the reins of WWE while Triple H and Stephanie help in the creative direction of the company.

It is said that with Shane’s return comes a power struggle, since it appears he is interested in being part of the family business once more. Also, his call about the company being a McMahon business with his “three boys” may very well have been a slight slap to Stephanie, who has three girls, all with a different last name. A lot of what we saw on Monday, and may continue to see in the coming weeks, may include some real conflict, which makes the return of Shane McMahon that much bigger.

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