Matthew McConaughey’s Career Arc Is Trending Up Again

Once the king of nearly indistinguishable romantic comedies, actor Matthew McConaughey is enjoying a career resurgence.

He wasn’t exactly taken seriously anymore in Hollywood so, as reports, he started saying no. No to boring, easy scripts. Well, mostly no. He could always fall back on what had worked before.

“”Let me hold out and keep an eye open and pursue some other things that I’m interested in,” McConaughey told “And if I don’t get those things, let me just hold off on these other things for a while.”

The Silicon Valley Mercury News reported that his romantic comedies were doing just fine commercially, with each one taking in more than $100 million.

Still his roles in “Bernie” and “Mud” and “Magic Mike” and “Killer Joe” have given him a chance to flex his acting muscles instead of just his washboard abs.

“I’m having a lot of fun,” McConaughey told the Mercury News. “There are no shackles.”

McConaughey recently married his girlfriend, Camila Alves, adding to an exciting year. On top of that, the couple already has two children and they are expecting a third.

McConaughey, for his part, thinks there’s no real secret to his success.

“If you put yourself in the right place, I believe you attract what you should be getting,” McConaughey told “You can’t put a science behind it. And I’m not too hoity-toity or hippy-dippy about that (expletive), but I mean, that’s what happened…. Then these things I attracted, I thought that all the characters were very arresting. I felt they didn’t pander or placate. They were roles that kind of scared me a little bit.”

Do Matthew McConaughey’s new roles scare you too? Or is this just what the career doctor ordered?