‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Scheme Hits Snags As Liam Asks Questions And Deacon Pays Another Visit

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s episode tease one doozy of a show. Quinn is scrambling to keep Liam hidden away at her cabin, and she even managed to keep the situation under wraps when Wyatt paid her a surprise visit. However, Steffy called Quinn to check on a work issue, and Liam picked up the phone. Where are things headed in the February 25 show?

According to We Love Soaps, viewers will definitely see what comes next with this phone call. As Wednesday’s Bold and Beautiful show ended, Liam picked up the phone as Steffy was calling and she was clearly taken aback, asking who was on the line. Will she recognize Liam’s voice?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show Quinn on the phone, saying that she always knew it was “going to work out for the two of you.” Does Quinn rush back into the cabin before Liam can say anything on the phone, taking over the call with Steffy and scrambling to smooth things over before either Liam or Steffy ask any questions? It seems that may well be what comes next on this front.

From the looks of things, however, Liam will start asking more questions. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Quinn will be telling Liam that his full name is “Adam John Smith,” and she asks him if that rings a bell. Naturally, it won’t, but viewers will have to tune in to see if anything with the call from Steffy was the catalyst for Liam pushing for more information.

Not only will Quinn be scrambling to cover up after this phone call, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Deacon pays her another visit, as well. While he busted her on this situation earlier and decided not to rat her out, it looks like he will be giving her an intense lashing over how this scenario has continued, and he admits that he relishes the idea of being present when it all blows up on her.

While Deacon clearly thinks that Quinn’s plan with Liam is completely absurd, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he may well become more heavily involved himself. It is known that Deacon will be in the mix of things on Friday’s show and Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that he may be convinced to begin helping Quinn.


The show has been teasing a major jaw-dropping cliffhanger for Friday’s show, and some are buzzing that Steffy may head to the cabin and catch Quinn and Liam together, perhaps intimately together. However, it is not known for certain just what this shocking moment will be, and Bold and Beautiful viewers are anxious to see what happens.

Thursday’s episode also brings more with Zende and Nicole as well, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease. As fans saw on Wednesday’s show, Brooke invited Rick, Maya, Nicole, and Zende to all move into her place after the ruckus with Ridge at the Forrester mansion. Zende was clearly struggling throughout this family discussion, especially as everybody fussed over the baby Nicole is carrying for Rick and Maya.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Zende will plan a date with Nicole in this next show, but for some reason, she is hesitant about it. He will be making a toast to her, talking about how she inspires him, but it sounds as if something about the scenario leads her to pull away.

There is buzz swirling that these Nicole and Zende are about to hit a wall when it comes to moving ahead in their relationship, and a split may be about to take place. From the sounds of the Bold and Beautiful spoilers available on this front, Sasha will be waiting in the wings to swoop in as soon as she can.

Is Quinn on the verge of getting busted over this Liam situation? How does Deacon become convinced to get involved? There is clearly a great deal more drama still on the way for this week, and The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that viewers will not want to miss what is coming next.

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