Anaheim Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Use Dogs To Attack Crowd Of Women And Children Protesting Shooting [Video]

Anaheim police opened fire with a barrage of non-lethal rounds on protesters angry over the police shooting of a local man, at one point sending a police dog that attacked a woman holding her young child.

The incident Saturday was the latest in a series of incidents that have left residents angry at Anaheim police, including another shooting in January where officers killed another resident. Anaheim residents planned a protest against the department after the day after the shooting and melee took place, the Los Angeles Times reported

The shooting that prompted the protest took place Saturday when Anaheim police officers tried to approach three men in an alley. The men ran and officers followed, chasing one of them to the front of an apartment complex where they shot the man. He was taken to a hospital where he later died, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The man was identified by family members as Manuel Diaz.

“He [doesn’t] like cops. He never liked them because all they do is harass and arrest anyone,” his niece, 16-year-old Daisy Gonzalez told the Orange County Register.

Residents were angry at how Anaheim police officers killed the man for seemingly no reason, protest organizer Theresa Smith told the Register.

“[The Anaheim police] are not judge, jury and executioner,” Smith told the newspaper. “Nobody is given their due process and it just seems like everything has gotten out of hand.”

Anaheim police who remained on the scene after the shooting were encircled by a group of angry residents who began throwing bottles and rocks. Police responded with rounds of non-lethal rounds at the people, and then a police dog broke free, attacking a woman holding her baby. Police said the dog “accidentally came out of the vehicle,” NBC Los Angeles reported.

The protest Sunday following the incident drew more than 100 people shouting “No justice, no peace!” NBC Los Angeles reported.

The Anaheim police force has been involved in a number of “major police incidents,” and faces an inquiry on its conduct the Register reported. Family members of those killed by officers have held weekly protests outside the police station.