Steven Avery Update: Deputy Opens Up About ‘Making A Murderer’ Home Search

deputy Steven Avery home

A Calumet County deputy, who was inside the home of Steven Avery when the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s murder took place, opened up this week and gave her opinion of one of this decade’s most popular criminal cases.

FOX 6 reports that the retired Calumet County deputy, who wishes to remain anonymous, opened up about helping investigators search Avery’s home, and claimed she saw nothing unusual going on and no conspiracy to set up the 53-year-old. Avery is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the 2005 murder of Wisconsin resident, 25-year-old Teresa Halbach.

“I helped walk through where the cars were. We went through every single one of those cars. I did overnight security at the property. I helped videotape the property. I was like a support staff. When they needed extra hands, I was there.”

The former deputy also stated that had she seen anything that looked illegal or misleading, she would have gone to the media immediately. She decided to come forward now because she feels like her credibility is being attacked.

“It feels like people are attacking my credibility.”

When she entered Avery’s home, nothing seemed amiss to her. As she began taking notes of the environment, however, she noticed that the house seemed to be impeccably cleaned, which led to her to believe that Avery ran out of time to crush Halbach’s vehicle because he was busy scrubbing down his home. Halbach’s Toyota RAV4 was found intact on Avery’s property.

A retired deputy claims that Steven Avery's house was spotless when authorities investigated it. Pictured below is a room in Avery's home. The photo was taken during the investigation. (Photo by Netflix)

“Just the bleach containers on his kitchen cupboard and how immaculate his house was. He cleaned that house. I believe he spent all of his time cleaning that house and trying to get rid of the remains and that’s why he didn’t have time to crush the car. It’s just my opinion.”

Another reason the deputy decided to open up was due to a comment that one of Avery’s defense attorneys recently made. While appearing on FOX News, lawyer Dean Strang said,

“Steven Avery can be accused of being a lot of things, but a really good housekeeper doesn’t make the list.”

The deputy found the comment odd, considering how clean the house was when she took notes.

An outside view of Steven Avery's home. (Photo by Netflix)

“And when his attorney, this kind of struck me, a couple weeks ago, his attorney and Ken Kratz (the prosecutor) were on one of the news shows and I can’t quote him, but his attorney said, ‘one thing I can say about Steven Avery is that he’s not a very good housekeeper’ and my jaw dropped when he said that, because when I was in there it was so clean. It was so clean. Not just uncluttered, but clean, clean.”

Aside from the clean house, the deputy stated that other information and evidence on the case persuaded her that Avery is indeed guilty and belongs in prison. When questioned about Brendan Dassey’s part in the murder, she indicated that she thought he was an accessory, and also belongs exactly where he is. Dassey, Avery’s nephew, is also serving life in prison for Halbach’s murder.

“I believe he was an accessory to the crime and I believe he could have saved Teresa Halbach’s life. And instead of going along with his uncle, if he would have called 911, Teresa would be alive.”

Of course, numerous people disagree with the deputy’s opinion, as evidenced in the outpouring of support for Avery from people across the world. Avery filed an appeal on January 7 to have his murder conviction overturned. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals received the signed appeal on January 11, but so far, there’s no scheduled court date set up.

Meanwhile, Avery supporters continue to rally for his release. Most feel that the evidence in the case was tampered with to set Avery up, despite the former deputy’s assessments.

Steven Avery maintains his innocence and hopes to be released while the latest challenges on his case are still fresh.

[Photo by Manitowoc Sheriff’s Office]