Cate Blanchett Takes The Stage In ‘Uncle Vanya,’ Proves Subtle Sex Appeal Is Possible

Cate Blanchett has taken the Broadway stage by storm with a role in the “Uncle Vanya” put on by the Sydney Theatre Company, and her dress at the cast photo call in New York was no exception to her usual subtly sexy look.

The Huffington Post reports that Blanchett’s geometric Givenchy dress from Saturday’s photo call was perfectly shaped to her body, showing off her shape while still leaving plenty to the imagination.

The bust of the dress featured a white and maroon angular pattern with an asymmetrical draped hem. She also picked out black satin heel-booties, which appeared to be a cross between a pump and ankle boot, to complete her chic look.

According to NY 1, Blanchett and writer/director husband Andrew Upton, have been serving as the Sydney Theatre Company’s artistic heads, and helped to premiere the Anton Chekhov classic in Australia in 2010. Blanchett stars as Yelena in the play, which is her husband’s new adaptation, and is also part of the 2012 Lincoln Center Festival. Cate Blanchett stated of her character that:

“For me the importance was not so much to play Yelena but to be part of the ensemble. That was my drive.”

After they saw a Hungarian artist Tamás Ascher directed production of “Ivanov” in 2009, Blanchett and Upton immediately approached the director about “Uncle Vanya. The actress recalled:

“We approached him thinking he’ll never say yes because he doesn’t know us, he doesn’t know the company. And he said yes.”

Upton adds, “He was very, very insistent that I pay very close attention to the actual structure of the Russian senses.”

Cate Blanchett also has been seen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, playing both Hedda Gabler and Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Blanchett says of the plays that:

“They’re not museum pieces and for me, that’s the challenge when you’re doing a classic. It’s through performing it you understand why these things live now.”