February 24, 2016
Ted Cruz In Serious Trouble In Republican Race Following Nevada Caucuses

Ted Cruz has been one of the hottest names in politics over the past few months and has been gaining traction as a potential candidate in the Republican party. He won the Iowa caucuses ahead of both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, but he is in major trouble following his finish in the Nevada caucuses.

Trump ended up winning Nevada in a landslide, but Rubio swooped in to take second place just ahead of Cruz. It was a close finish, but Cruz is falling quickly and he has to figure out a way to rebound in a hurry.

Not only did Cruz finish third among the three top candidates, he also missed out on some of the votes that he was expecting to receive. He received just 27 percent of the white born-again Christian votes, while Trump was able to come away with 41 percent. Cruz also didn't beat Trump out in the "very conservative" voters, with just 34 percent as opposed to Trump's 38 percent.

Losing momentum at this point in the race is an extremely dangerous thing for Cruz. He cannot afford to start dropping out at this point in the race.

It was expected that Rubio would begin making a bit of a comeback over the past couple of weeks. He has not disappointed and is without question even with Cruz. Trump is still by far the front-runner, but there are still ways that both Cruz and Rubio could make a comeback before it's too late.

Ted Cruz falling behind following Nevada caucuses.
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]Throughout the majority of the campaign, Cruz played it quiet and focused on strong debates to earn his popularity. Over the past couple of weeks, Cruz has turned to fighting with Trump and insulting him at times. Cruz has not gone over the line, but he has been touching the line with many waiting to see if he'll leap over it.

Trump has repeatedly called out Cruz in the media and as The Inquisitr previously reported, called him out in a rally ahead of the Nevada caucuses.

Seth Meyers is the latest to speak out against Cruz. He took the stage on Tuesday's Late Night show to call out Ted Cruz even more than Trump did.

"The bigger problem for Cruz: This scandal is just the latest in a series of incidents that have given his campaign a reputation for having low ethical standards. As you may remember, Cruz first got that reputation after his campaign spread false information about Ben Carson in Iowa to steal some of Carson's voters."
All of the negative press that has been coming out about Cruz has been dropping him quicker than expected. Cruz has been slammed very hard for the way that he conducted himself at the Iowa caucuses. Trump accused Cruz of stealing Iowa and sending out false information to further his cause.

Looking ahead at the coming weeks of the Republican race, Cruz has to find a way to rebound immediately.

He cannot afford to continue moving forward behind Trump and especially cannot afford finishing behind Rubio. There is still plenty of time for Cruz come back from the disappointing Nevada finish, but it can't wait any longer.

Cruz has to pull out all the stops and do everything in his power to prove that he is a capable president. He has to cut out all the borderline lies and focus on building up his character to the point where Trump cannot attack him.

If he is unable to do that, Trump will eat him alive with the American people.

Do you think Ted Cruz can bounce back following the Nevada primary? Is Cruz a serious contender with Trump, or will he fade quickly?

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]