Charli XCX Gets Sultry And Defensive As She Teases New Song And EP

Charli XCX is back, and she’s pulling no punches. To the surprise of her fans, the singer-songwriter just released a new song and a new EP off her newly-launched record label.

Charli XCX dropped new the song “Vroom Vroom” back in October, 2015. The SOPHIE-produced track will be featured on the upcoming EP of the same name, and is also the name of her new record label. The four-track EP will also include a collaboration with Hannah Diamond along with a new track called “Trophy.”

The song premiered on Beats 1 Radio. On the show, Charli XCX also announced that she will have her own show called The Candy Show, which will air every two weeks at 3 p.m. EST (8 p.m. UK time) starting Feb. 26. In a recent statement, Charli XCX explained her new record label, which focuses on dark pop music.

“Vroom Vroom Recordings is my new, experimental pop label and it will combine my love for bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness. The artists coming up through it will be sharp, potent, deadly, and ultimately, will leave their mark on pop music.”

She hinted to the Sun last year that she doesn’t want someone else to make decisions for her when it comes to her music. Charli XCX has been hailed as the “porn-loving, flesh baring queen of pop” in their recent story.

“I’m not someone who is going to sit back and let someone run my career for me. I make most decisions myself and a lot of the time that really gets forgotten about because I’ve got a p***y instead of a d**k.”

Vroom Vroom is the follow-up to Charli XCX’s 2014 album, Sucker. While the album artwork features a black race car, Charli XCX has further sexed up her image by featuring a black-and-white photo of herself in a black mesh bodysuit complete with belt straps. The dominatrix attire reflects her new dark and edgy sound on her EP.

It would seem to some that Charli XCX is taking risks with her style, but not everyone agrees. The singer was dubbed as the worst dressed at the Elle Style Awards by the Mirror. The “Boom Clap” singer wore a green satin gown with a dangerously high slit. She paired her look with black strappy shoes and red lipstick, while wearing box braids in her hair.

Charli XCX
[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]
At Galore’s private London Fashion Week party held at the London Hotel on Sunday, Feb. 21, the 23-year-old took a risk in a white midriff top and black bra with denim bell bottoms. Charli completed her look with a red belt buckle choker, blue eye shadow, a leopard print clutch, and black platform sandals. She also took to Twitter to shot down the comments that she looks dirty all of the time.

Charli XCX tweeted: “I am extremely proud of my indian heritage. I love my roots & family. Don’t call me/anyone ‘dirty’ bcoz of the colour of someone’s skin.”

The singer also beat out Adele and Noel Gallagher when she was named Best Solo Artist last week at the 2016 NME Awards. Charli XCX unabashedly told the crowd “Maybe I was the only one who showed up. I hope everyone has a fun night and gets wasted.”

She then took to social media to share a NSFW photo of herself proudly sucking on the bronzed middle finger trophy.

Charli XCX is not afraid of controversy, so why wouldn’t she support controversial artists like Kanye West? Following his recent Twitter rants, she defended the rapper by arguing that “everyone has the right to speak their own minds.”

“I think artists have the right to speak their own minds, always. You know. I don’t think anyone should be censored.”

Despite the fact that Charli attended Yeezy’s Season 3 show at New York Fashion Week, she doesn’t agree with the people who wore fur.

“I don’t wear fur. I’ve become more educated about fur. When I was younger I probably would have worn it in shoots without realizing the ethics behind it. But now, I actively don’t. There are some things I’ve heard that have been really upsetting. So I’m still learning but I actively try not to wear it.”

Charli XCX is still growing, but she’s already wise beyond her years. In an industry dominated by image, she has set herself apart by proudly flashing some skin and expressing herself. The pop star is ready to spin the turn tables at London’s Ace Hotel on March 11, and has expressed that she will direct, product, and run her own record label.

“I want to have an empire. I want to have more of a legacy and that because I wear what I wear and am a pop star, doesn’t mean I can’t have that.”

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]