February 24, 2016
Jax Taylor Hints Of Heated 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion With James Kennedy

Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter that the Vanderpump Rules reunion was being filmed this past Friday. He sat down next to Tom Schwartz, and the two decided to post some pictures. And many of the other Vanderpump Rules stars also tweeted about the reunion, sharing everything from excitement to nervousness. While Jax has had a troubling season with an arrest, arguments with his friends, and more recently a fall-out with Tom Sandoval, it sounds like he got into another heated argument with James Kennedy.

According to a new Bravo report, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he couldn't hold back when the DJ started talking during the reunion. He admits that he tried to hold back, and actually stayed somewhat silent during the reunion. It wasn't until the end that Taylor couldn't hold back. Apparently, it was so bad that people had to ask him to calm down.

"This season was actually good for me. I usually get drilled hard at these reunions. Like, they come at me hard and this season wasn't too bad. I talked a little bit, but I didn't really talk a lot until the very end and it was between me and James and then there was confrontation there. But I really didn't get involved that much this year. It wasn't a lot of bashing on me like there usually was. So it was OK," Jax Taylor tells Bravo's The Daily Dish in an interview about the reunion show.

It is no secret that Jax Taylor isn't a big fan of James. The two can't seem to agree on much, and they both share a sensitive spot for Kristen Doute. While Jax once hooked up with her, they are now friends. Kennedy used to date her, and despite having a dramatic breakup, he revealed on Monday's episode that he misses her. But Taylor doesn't have much respect for him.

"I hate him. I really do," Jax told a caller on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, adding, "And I don't hate anyone. I literally hate him."

Taylor doesn't go into detail about what they argued about, but he does revealed that things got heated and hostile. And it sounds like Jax may have gotten angry because he started learning about various hookups that he didn't know about. It is odd that he would get mad about that, since he has been dating Brittany Cartwright since the beginning of the season.

"It got really heated in the end, like veins were popping out of my neck. It was hostile and they had to like they had to tell me calm down," Jax told The Daily Dish, adding, "[I found out about] some hookups that I didn't realize happened. There was some things I didn't know that some people hooked up with certain people that I didn't know."

Even though Taylor did flirt with the idea of hooking up with Lala Kent, he could be mad at Lala for her hooking up with James. Kent often talked bad about James, calling him desperate. And in all fairness, Taylor was dating Brittany. Despite some hiccups along the way, it sounds like things are going great for the couple. They recently sat down with E! Online to dish about the future.

"Yes, in time. Pump the breaks a little bit," Jax revealed with Brittany agreed that she'd be interested in getting married someday, but "not like now." It sounds like they want to get another Vanderpump Rules wedding out of the way first.

"Tom [Schwartz] and Katie [Maloney] still have to get married," Jax noted, adding, "Let's get that out of the way first, and then we'll discuss us... It's definitely in the cards, just we have one wedding to get through first."

What do you think of Jax Taylor's fight with James Kennedy on the Vanderpump Rules reunion?

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