‘Arrow’ Star Emily Bett Rickards Discusses The Missing Ring, Oliver’s Son, And Olicity

Arrow Season 4 has tested and weathered Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s relation, aka Olicity, but so far the future still seems to hold a potential end to the Green Arrow‘s love life with Overwatch. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Arrow star Stephen Amell stated the very next three episodes would be represented by the terms “Duel, Fallout, and Ring.” Arrow fans witnessed Green Arrow duel and face-off with Malcolm Merlyn again, Oliver Queen’s son was kidnapped by Darhk, and his wife was running a campaign against his non-Green Arrow way to help Star City as a mayoral candidate. By Stephen “Green Arrow” Amell’s own one-word descriptions, “ring” is next. Comicbook reports that Emily Bett Rickards confirmed that the ring will be the focus of the next episode, but possibly not as fans might think.

Olicity near the mystery grave
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“It literally said in the script, ‘NO RING,’ and I was like, ‘OK …’ Filming that scene, we knew virtually nothing about what it really was about. Your character knows what’s going on but as an actor you don’t, so it was about trying to get as much information from the writers and potentially where this story is headed… Everything’s going to make sense in the end, but at the same time, I found filming that eighth of a page to be very … I couldn’t stress myself out about it, but I found it difficult. Because I like to know what the authenticity is. The scene wasn’t about the ring, and yet the ring fills this underlying space in the middle between them.”

Rickards, like Amell, Kreisberg, Berlanti, and the gang is being subtle and cryptic, so the significance of what “ring” means to the next episode of Arrow Season 4 is a bit ambivalent. Arrow fans obviously remember the missing ring was spotted missing during the limo scene that gave us an extended look at the mystery grave scene Season 4 has been teasing for the bulk of the time.

Arrow fans have predicted since the Season 4 episode that aired with this scene extension that it would be because of Oliver keeping his baby mama and child situation under wraps and away from Felicity. The Flash/Arrow crossover episode, prior to Barry changing the timeline, broke up with Oliver over the news of his illegitimate son. Emily Bett Rickards says it isn’t hard to tell what her reaction will be, according to TV Line.

“I think we all know Felicity’s heart pretty well, and we know that she tries to be as honest as possible all of the time. I feel like that’s something she respect in her friends and in the people she surrounds herself with, and with that said, when she finds out this information that she would hope to have known, we can probably predict how she is going to react!”

Felicity Smoak crying
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Arrow Season 4 could be the end for Olicity? It seems unlikely, but Rickards comments do not seem too cryptic. Emily Bett Rickards elaborated on her thoughts about Olicity, the car scene, and the lack thereof the ring in question.

“‘But as for having no ring on, that was a huge question of, ‘Well, what is their relationship and why are in this car together?’ Obviously they’ve stayed in contact without this ring on, so what does that mean for them? What is the weight between them? Is it their relationship, is it the situation they just went through? What are they talking about in this scene?’ Because the scene wasn’t about the ring. And yet the ring fills this underlying space in the middle between them.”

Arrow fans will just have to wait to watch the Season 4 episode, Taken, but not to be confused with Liam Neeson film.

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